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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 AkRUN 1/2 Recap

As the end of September nears every year, the running community of Akron starts to scurry a little quicker, and look a little fitter.  Anyone who runs, jogs, walks, or knows someone who does, feels the buzz of Christmas in September being just around the corner.  The Akron Marathon is one of my favorite races every year.  Our city lines up on a great course, with some of the finest spectators, while fantastic athletes take to the streets.  
Going into this years race there were a lot of questions in my mind.  In general I have a very realistic handle on my fitness.  I know within a few seconds over many miles what I am capable of, and can even throw in some variables and appropriately adjust the outcome. I occasionally surprise myself, and occasionally miss the mark.  But typically I am capable of a smidge more than my training has indicated.  So I start with the A goal in mind and know I am physically ready to push for it.  I remind myself of all the hard work I have done prior to racing and find comfort in knowing my preparations.  This year was different. Very different.  Going into this year I knew the following;  I felt comfortable at 6:30 pace for a 4 mile tempo run.  I had not run 13 miles since November of last year.  My weekly milage over the past 6 weeks had been the only mileage I had put in for 10 months. This was not reassuring knowledge as it usually is.  Because of this, I was nervous.  I had absolutely no idea what my fitness  level was.  I began to hope for the 6:30-6:40 pace which I managed for one 4 mile tempo, to be manageable for the duration of the race, and started to wrap my mind around that as my A goal.  As quickly as I would feel confident, I would start to think of my lack of training which lead to me wondering if I was making a huge mistake.  I began to push the negative thoughts out of my head and refuse to entertain them.  I just needed to get to the start line and get running! 

CED Gals before the start.  Katie, Barb, Kelsi, Morgan, Marisa, Aubrey, me, Ellie.  

Race day finally came on Saturday the 27th, and we met my family in the parking deck like we always do, and walked to the elite staging area. As my teammates and I nervously chatted on our warm up I began to feel my competitive self FINALLY showing up.  "I can and will do this. I know I am capable of more than I believe and I have to 'race up' today".  Finally preps were done, and we were on the line ready to go!  One last easy breath was taken and with my jittery finger on my watch the race began.  I tried to keep things under control and let the first mile happen.  It is a long 200 foot drop, so I didn't care about the time. 6:00.0 just what I had expected.  I found myself running in 5th place with Marissa.  We ran together until 2 miles and then I was on my own for quite awhile.  The splits were clicking by 2-6:21, 3-6:14, 4-6:25, 5-6:23.  Around 5 miles I began to wonder why I believed this was a good idea.  I found myself thinking "Why didn't I run a relay leg?", "1/2 marathon?  Why would you think you can do this?".  But the miles kept passing 7-6:50 (the most uphill mile on the course, 8&9- 13:04, my stomach began to grumble and I pleaded for it to go away. I was nervous since I had not yet run this far with any sort of effort behind it, that my stomach would rebel and threaten to ruin even the best played cards I had.  Shortly after 9 miles the race runs through campus and pops you back out downtown.  I could hear my friends and family cheering and suddenly I felt great again. mile 10-6:14.  As I began across the Y bridge for the final time I had to start working very hard to maintain 6:30-6:40 pace.  My legs were shot. 11-6:36, 12-6:37.  I fearfully pushed toward the finish line trying to will my dead legs to life.  I came into the stadium and heard Dave Hunter announce my arrival in 4th place. 1:24:27 read on the clock when I finished.  I was thrilled!  6:26 average for 13 miles was as good as today could have yielded! I quickly learned that Kelsi Nutter had won in a huge PR of 1:17:05, Ellie had a great debut for 2nd in 1:17:50, Katie Kay PR'ed in 1:21:53,  Meredith would finish in 1:25:41 for her debut, and Ryan had met his "secret goal" of not getting beat by any women in 1:16:15.  It was a great morning in Akron!

Mile 10
(Photo courtesy of Mark Godale)

 Almost 3 months after having Nolan and Corra I couldn't have imagined I would be back into 1:24 shape! 

I will be racing again on October 26th at the Youngstown Peace Race, and I look forward to seeing where my fitness is on that day!  Until then I will work on keeping the little ones growing and pounding away at the pavement! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Off to the races!

Celebrate Westlake was my first post colligate race, so it seemed fitting to use it as my first postpartum race as well.  My teammates were racing and I wanted to join in on the fun.  My coach and I agreed that "racing" would be detrimental, and would put me in a position to create an injury, so we opted for a progression run rather than race! I was just happy to be part of the event, and I hoped to run 6:30-7:00 average.  I wanted to progress from 7:00 to 6:00 but all based on my preconceived notion of what these paces felt like.  6 months of no running leaves me clueless on paces.  It is going to take time to become a human metronome once again.  

All smiles! 
The day of the race came and Ry and I were up early feeding the kids and packing them into the car!  I was so pumped to have my coach and teammates meet them!  Warm up was same old same old 2 miles, drills and strides.  Then it was time to race!...I mean progression run!  The gun went off, and it was hard to keep things under control, so I inadvertently threw the plan out the window, coming through the mile in 6:08...Ooops!  I quickly regrouped and started running closer to the goal pace for mile 2- 6:41.  There was a man on a bike cheering for another lady in the race, and I have to admit I started to panic, and worry that I would be beat by someone I didn't want to get beat by.  But I talked myself off of the pride ledge and focused on the plan.  No one ever passed me, and I knew all of the ladies in front of me belonged there.  mile 3 was 6:32, mile 4 was 6:31, and mile 5 was 6:05!  I was very happy to run 32:11, and do so pretty comfortably! My legs were never tired from it and I was comfortable on my 10 mile "long" run the next day.  
The kids had a good time at the race, and were little angels! 

Nolan looking too cool in his shades! 

Grandpa and grandma hanging out with the little ones!
I was happy to have a week over 40 miles, and the kids continue to grow and get stronger!  Month 2 of having kids is coming to a close, and I look forward to more sleep, more miles, and faster times!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Training Blog Aug 11-17

Man it has been a long time since my blog has been primarily about training!!
I had a solid week of training last week...for a gal that took over 6 months off and is working on raising 2 kids that are 6 weeks old.  I also hit 31 years old this week.

Monday -2 easy miles @8:40

Tuesday - 2 miles warm up, 1 mile@6:15, 2 min rest, 3x400@ 89, 30 sec rest, 1x800@6:15, 2 mins rest, 2x400@89 30 sec rest. My splits were 6:15, 89,87,88,3:07,87,81. Felt in control the entire time.

Wed- 4 miles easy@ 7:56. I was happy to report no soreness in my legs! My rib cage on the other hand was a sore mess!! Apparently not breathing hard for 6 months actually gets your chest out of shape!? Holy cow I have a long way to go!

Thursday- 4 miles easy @7:31 from sec sole. again feeling good.

Friday- 5 miles easy @8:12 with Connie around the neighborhood. Great day for a run!

Saturday- "long run" with Ryan! It was beautiful out and great to run in the valley. Ran mile 7 @1/2 effort and it was 6:53. Fingers crossed! 8 miles @7:41

Sunday 4 miles @8:08 pace easy with Ry again 

I am taking Monday off after 10 days of running. I plan to take a day off every 7-10 days for awhile to ensure I stay as healthy as possible during my...don't call it a comeback! I'm feeling good and ready to be racing mentally, but physically not quite there. I still have a belly on me despite not having much weight (still up 3 lbs).  I am doing core work to fix the diastasis recti I have acquired. But only time will tell if it can actually be fixed. Luckily Ryan still tells me I'm pretty. I know it's hideous, but those kids are so cute. Fair trade?!?

6 weeks to the Akron 1/2, I'm hopeful I can be in 1:28-1:30 shape. Glenn says "no time goals", but I can't run without thinking of numbers so numbers are what I think of...sorry Glenn! 

Quick Picture of the growing little ones!  Corra (top) and Nolan (bottom)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Running, Panic, and Great Friends

Things have continued to progress on all fronts here in the Spellman house!  The little ones are growing and so is my weekly mileage!  Getting out to run is a great stress relief.  Running has always been more of something I felt I had to do, and while I loved it, the more stressed I was, the less I wanted to run.  THAT HAS CHANGED!!  The more stressed the little amazing buggers around here make me, the more I enjoy every step and can't wait to start chasing after my goals! 

For now running is slow going, but it IS GOING!!  My running last week was 15 miles in 4 days of running. 
Monday-Brisk 1 mile walk with Pegasus
Tuesday-3 miles 8:43 pace (hilly)
Wednesday-3 miles 8:05 pace
Thursday- 4 miles 8:04 pace
Friday- off
Saturday- 5 miles LONG RUN!  Ran with Ryan while the kids were with his parents.  8:24 pace

I have a lot of shoes to run though!
The kids are growing and are 8 lbs each!  They have had great nights, and some rough ones.  I was exhausted toward the end of the week and that lead to a lot of tears.  I struggled wondering how long I would feel tired, and how to get them to sleep well.  I feel like I have lost myself a lot.  I found myself really missing Ryan an my simple life prior to kids.  I hated the way that I felt. I love these kids, I absolutely adore them.  So why was I feeling this way?! This feeling only served to make me panic more, and worry about my ability to be a good mom. Poor Ryan did all he could to comfort me and make me feel loved and appreciated. Early this week Jeanine Booker, a friend, and fellow new mom (her little man is 7 months old), stopped by and gave me such peace of mind.  She was here for approximately 8 minutes and in that short of a time, I felt significantly better.  She asked how I was doing and I said "Ok, tired, but I am hanging in there".  She read through my bull, and simply said, "It does get easier Beck, I promise." She told me it is completely normal to feel sad, stressed, and tired.  That was all I needed.  Hearing it from someone who was so recently in my shoes, and who I love, trust and know they know me through and through was the most comforting feeling I can remember in the past month.  

Andrea was in town from Baton Rouge and helped me take some 1 month pic of the little Spelltwins. 

It was great to see friends, and I loved having the help!

Ferf and Annie with Nolie and Corra.
As this week is moving along I am feeling much better and handling my new position as a mom with a little less fear, and stress!  I went to the Dr. yesterday and got the 100% go ahead on running!  He gave me a bit of a glare when I told him I started running "lightly" 2 weeks ago.  But everything looks good and I am excited to continue to chase down my running dreams and work hard on being the mom my kids need and deserve!  A few less tears this week are a welcomed reprieve from last week!  Thank you so much Ferf, Annie, and Jeanine for helping me feel a little more like myself!  

We have 52 days until the Akron 1/2 Marathon and my goal of 7:00 pace seems like it may be realistic.  I can't wait to see how training goes! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Being A New Mom/Ready To Run Again!

After 13 days in the NICU we were able to bring Nolan and Corra home!  I was apprehensive, and a bit nervous, but after a few days I felt confident that we could handle them, and that they would do just fine home, and no longer in the hospital.  Unlike most new parents we got 13 days of advice, and practice prior to bringing them home.  I was happy to have had the help.  The NICU nurses at Akron General are incredible.  They are so caring and gave us all the help they could not only for the kids, but also for my recovery.  We couldn't have had a better experience with a NICU.  I hope my kids never have to go back, but we were so thankful for the incredible staff during our stay. 

While living in the hospital allowed us to know our kids were being taken care of, it really took a toll on me.  I ended up getting PUPPP rash 3 days after having the kids, which is a result of the pregnancy and completely benign.  It itches like hell, and looks terrible. It covered my stomach, back,  butt, and then spread down my arms and legs.  It was/is terrible.  It is much better now, but still not gone. After a couple sleepless nights filled with itching, we got a little scare.  My face became paralyzed on one side. After spending 9p-12a in the ER we were relived to find out it was just Bell's Palsy, and I was hopeful it would go away soon.

Fast forward 3 weeks and I am making a pretty good and quick recovery from the Bell's Palsy!  I have most function back in my face, and unless you know me pretty well, you can hardly tell there is anything wrong! While the rash still itches, it is no longer raised nor red and it is slowly going way. 

Our kids are doing great! They are growing and well over 6 lbs now!  Pegasus seems to like them and spends every feed laying close and checking on them if they cry!

We have mastered bath time!  They LOVE getting their hair washed!  I will use this anytime they get super fussy! They instantly stop crying and close their eyes.  It is precious!  

Corra loves being close to Nolan and if you put them close, she will find a way to roll over to him and touch him.  This sends him into a crying fit!  He gets so annoyed.   It's pretty funny!

We are so happy that they are home and doing well.   It is tiring, and it is mentally exhausting to do the same thing every 3 hours around the clock, but I love them so much.  Not to say I haven't cried for absolutely no reason at all, and selfishly wished I was out running rather than feeding, but it is rewarding to care for them, and watching Ryan love on them makes my heart full. 

Im still 3 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, and have a belly.  It is NOTHING compared to the monster stomach I had!  Running is coming back slowly, and I got in 12 miles total last week!  
Mon: 2 miles 9 min pace
Tues: 2 miles 8:30 pace
Wed: off went for a walk
Thurs: 3 miles 8 min pace
Fri: 1 mile 8:15 pace
Sat: off
Sun: 4 miles long run 8:15 pace 

While it is going to be a long road back, I look forward to the challenge of staying healthy, and meeting my goal of qualifying to the Olympic Trials for a 3rd time. I am excited to share the experience of coming back from a twin pregnancy, dealing with the pressures of being a mom, and chasing down another dream with all of you! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spell Twins Have Arrived!

Last Tuesday, July 1st, I went for my 36 week ultrasound.  I was ready to hear the same old same old from my doctor. Since I have ultrasounds weekly I knew the only way I would be having these babies was if they hadn't grown and were under the 10th percentile.  Ryan and I sat through the ultrasound and it seemed uneventful. They had grown, their little hearts were beating well, and they were moving. Hooray to healthy kidos, boo to dealing with pregnancy up to 2 more weeks.  But then Corra had low fluid from what the ultrasound tech could see.  That actually made me nervous. "What does that mean? Will see not be able to breathe if its too low?  How low are we talking here?"  I waited to see the doc, while Ryan headed into work.  I promised to call as soon as I talked to the doctor.

Doctor Davis walked into the room and didn't even make eye contact before saying.  "Well the fluid levels are too low, we have to end this pregnancy very soon".  I instantly teared up, thinking "oh my gosh, why am I tearing up? I am so ready for this to be done! But this is real, were having these kids. Breathe Beck, Breathe."  I said ok, and inquired about how soon this would happen.  He said Thursday or Friday.  He ordered another ultrasound to check that the fluid levels didn't get too low by the next day and I was scheduled to meet my little ones in a bright, white, operating room at 1:30 on Thursday July 3rd.  My panic quickly became excitement!

11:30 am Ry and I got to the hospital to start prep for the surgery.  I was mostly excited, but also a bit nervous of the whole getting cut across my abdomen thing.
My big ol' belly, rounding out at 43 inches around and with a fundal height of 45 weeks, ready to go into surgery!

Ry nervous for my surgery, but pumped to meet Nolan and Corra.

One more shot of the happy couple!

It took less than 30 mins from spinal block to being parents! Nolan (rt) born at 2:18pm weighed 5 lbs 11 oz and was 18 1/2 inches long. Corra born at 2:19 pm weighed 5 lbs 12 oz and was 18 3/4 inches long.  Ry and I were able to hold them for a few minutes before they were taken to the NICU due to low blood sugar. A complication as a result of my gestational diabetes.  We both had tears seeing them leave, and I even threw up!

Corra resting up in recovery. 
Nolan resting up in recovery.
Our little man 7 hours old.

Corra 7 hours old. 

Daddy and his little girl the morning after our little ones arrived! 

Nolan 4 days old.

Corra 4 days old. 

Sleepy Nolan

Sleepy Corra

Corra 5 days old.

Nolan 5 days old. 

Drunk on milk!

Proud of finishing her milk.

Our sleepy little family (day 3)

We have had a great experience so far, and love getting to spend time with our kids. The twins are still in the NICU.  They are having trouble eating enough, and thus can't keep up with the caloric needs to stay healthy if they were to be sent home. So we feed, eat, sleep, and feed some more here in the NICU. We love that we get to see them so much, and we have learned a ton from the amazing doctors and nurses here.  I am recovering well, and resting when I can.  We are eager to get them home and healthy so we have really limited visitors and do the feeding ourselves per the instructions of the NICU staff.  Soon they will be home, and we look forward to everyone meeting them!

We are more in love with these two than we ever thought possible!  Thank you all for your love and support!

(Please excuse any errors, there was a tired mind behind this post)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Getting Close! Here Goes Week 36!

Week 36 is here!  These 2 little munchkins are hanging in there tight despite my best efforts to coax them out!  I have promised them the world, but they don't want it, all they want is this nice warm cozy pouch apparently!  Ryan and I are ready to meet them and tell them face to face just how much we love them.  Talking to a lumpy stomach just isn't doing it for us anymore! haha!  
My past week was a mentally tough one.  As I see the stretch marks becoming more and more apparent and my fundal height reaches 44 weeks, I am mentally ready to be done!  That's right, this belly is stretched to the same size the average lady would be at if she carried a single kid 1 month past it's due date!  It is amazing our bodies can do it, but I kinda, sorta, hope (a lot) mine is reaching its (water) breaking point! 

In the city of Akron they do not allow induction until 38 weeks with uncomplicated twin pregnancies, so that means I am looking at an induction date of July 16th, and I had to plead for that!  My Dr. seems happy to just let them stay in there, but I finally said "Hey Buddy, I want this to be over STAT!" He listened, and if they aren't here by July 9th we will plan the induction!  

The babies should be 19-20 inches long and weighing in at 5.5 lbs each now.  So let me break this down for you. 
Thats 11 lbs, and 38-40 inches of baby,
 Average of 3 lbs of placenta,
Average of 3 lbs of amniotic fluid,
Average of 2 lbs of uterine enlargement,
Average of 2 lbs of added breast tissue (I will give myself 1 lb here),
Average of 4 lbs of added blood volume,
Average of 4 lbs of added fluids throughout the body.
That is 28 lbs of baby related material assuming I have gained 0 lbs of fat stores.

I have gained 22 lbs so...yea I think I am getting ready to be done with this! haha!
Eviction notice coming mid July!

I have become increasingly irritable, and I do cry out of frustration often. 
Many people have been incredibly helpful with advice, and stories of their pregnancies and after.  I love all of that.  It keeps me thinking, and has given me a lot of insight on the way I hope to do things, or the way I am happy to watch things pan out, and then make decisions.  But some people really are not good at giving advice, but rather telling you what to do, and 36 weeks later I can be a bit of a short fuse about it! haha!  I am terrible, I simply do not talk to the people who do this.   

This past weekend saw many friends of mine on the shores of Lake Superior to compete in Grandma's Marathon or the Gerry Bjorklund 1/2 and there were so many great performances! Dot McMahan ran one hell of an inspiring half to finish 3rd in 1:11!  It is so incredible to see a mom out there crushing it the way she is. I know it hasn't been the easiest road back to running PR's but seeing her do it gives me HUGE hope!  Nicole Camp ran 1:15,  I thought that was a hell of a race considering just 6 weeks ago she moved to Colorado and began training under Brad Hudson.  A new training philosophy and adjustment to a new life is always challenging.  Heidi Greenwood ran a PR of 1:17 and while it was short of her goal, she put it out there and held on well when the wheels came off a bit.  Jenna Boren ran another solid marathon (2:48), and it is good to see her taking steps forward after a rough fall.  So watching from afar was fun, but I can't wait to toe the line there next year.  Kelsi Nutter, Katie Kay, and I want to be there for the full next year and work together to get the 2016 Olympic Trials qualifying standard. 
(Picture From 2013)
I Can not wait for Grandma's Marathon 2015!

So as we work through week 36 hope for the babies to make an appearance, and keep my mental state in your thoughts and prayers!  HAHA!  I can't wait until we have pictures of Nolan and Corra to share with you!   

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

43, I Mean, 35 Weeks!

Things are going well here!  Both Nolan and Corra are doing fine, and definitely growing.  I AM HUGE!  My fundal height is now at 43 weeks!  Which means my uterus measures the same size as a singleton mom's would if she were 3 weeks past her due date.  I don't know what else to call it but quite uncomfortable!  My stomach is 41 inches around at the belly button and its sagging! I do have stretch marks, but at this point they are light and not too deep.  Fingers crossed they don't become more apparent! OH boy (and girl)!  Nolan and Corra should each be weighing in at over 5 lbs and getting close to 20 inches long...thats 10 lbs and 40 inches of baby hanging out in there!   I ran my first mile in 5 months in 8:36, but since have decided it more than likely isn't in my joints best interest to do that. So it is back to wogging or walking depending on the way I am feeling each day.  I have gained 20 lbs now but should have close to 30 lbs of baby material going on, so hopefully Ill be back to my normal and ready to run weight shortly after delivery!

Sleeping has become as elusive as everyone said it would, and I'm getting about 3-4 hours a night depending on when I can get myself to finally fall asleep!  For a few days there I was really hoping I would go into labor and I had to stop letting myself think that way.  It was eating away at my soul, and I was feeling depressed every day it didn't happen.  So I am trying to enjoy my days instead of wish them away.  Its not easy being in this sort of pain, but I knowing that Nolan and Corra will be healthy is worth it.  Ryan's work trip to New Orleans came and went so we can breathe easy with no worry of him missing the delivery!  
I am getting very excited to see our little one's faces and meet them soon!  
All prayers for a simple and quick delivery are welcome!  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Welcome to week 33

Week 33 is here, and I am excited to be another week closer to having Nolan and Corra with us!  Our ultrasound showed us 2 heathy babies!  Corra is out weighing Nolan by 4 ounces and if she keeps that up we will have to have a C section.  She is weighing in at 4 lbs 2 oz, and still breech. He is 3 lbs 14 oz. and ready to go! That puts Corra right at the 50th percentile and Nolan at the 25th.  Prior to today they have been measuring in the 90th percentile so the Dr. is concerned that I may not be able to give them space to grow too much longer.  I am hoping to make it at least 2 more weeks but ready to beg to have them out in 4!  haha!  Nolan was dancing around in there for a good live showing, while Corra was her calm little self.   My stomach is right around 39.5 inches around at the belly button, and my uterus is at 40 weeks in fundal height. That measurement standard is for 1 baby.  So I have 8 lbs and 36 inches of baby in my stomach!  That is a lot of space occupied.  Im up 19 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight.  While sleep has been hard to come by, and my stomach and pelvis are achy,  I am happy they are both healthy and growing!  
week 32
Ryan and I were excited to celebrate our 1 year anniversary this past weekend!  We had Kelsey's bridal shower in the early part of the day and it was a lot of fun!  She looked stunning and we are so excited to watch her become Mrs. Nelson in less than 3 months!  
Celebrating Kelsey!!
Later in the evening we celebrated at Michael and Cara's wedding.  It was a beautiful venue and we had a ton of fun with friends. 
Happy 1 year Ry!!
I only have one dress that fits so I hope you all enjoy the green and white tie dye look! haha!  I was super tired the next day so we spent a lazy day together!  

Who would have thought only a year later we would be expecting not only our first kid, but also our second!  I remind Nolan and Corra that as soon as they are ready to breathe on their own, we are ready for them to be here!  So until then it is baby updates and dreams of running again! Week 33 here we go!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Plugging Through Week 32.

Since my last post I have been eating a lot more, and would you believe it?  I am less irritable!  I began taking in nearly double the calories and low and behold my blood glucose got out of hand.  My Dr. prescribed 2.5 mg of Glyburide and once weekly non stress tests to see that the little ones aren't having any trouble.    I am still at 18 pounds over my pre-preganacy weight, but I have a lot more energy.  Having a lot more energy sorta made me anxious to get back to running.  So I have been getting out the door for a brisk mile-1.5 mile walk.  This has made me feel significantly better mentally!  Which no doubt makes the little ones happier!
I went today for my non stress test and they couldn't find Corra's heartbeat.  I have to say I was a little panicked for about 30 minutes until they got me into the ultrasound room.  No worries, she was just hiding!  Both Nolan and Corra are doing fine and both had heartbeats at 138!

Ashley and I
My Cousinsister came into town this past week and I was able to spend a few days with her for the first time in 2 years!!  I loved getting to hangout and get caught up on all that is going on in her life!  She just moved back to the USA from South Korea and spending time with her was AMAZING!! 

Ry and I 
We were able to spend time with the whole family welcoming Ash and Chris (her husband) home!

"Hanging" In There
My stomach is nearly 40 inches around as the twins reach 4 lbs and 18 inches each.  I am struggling to breathe, and it makes sleeping my biggest challenge on any given day! However, my blood glucose levels have been great, and I am happy that they are growing and doing so well!

Care Package for Me!

Care Package for the Babies
My incredible Cleveland Elite Development teammates stopped by last night with a care package of wonderful food for me to eat and some great stuff for Nolan and Corra's arrival! Thank you so much ladies!  You are wonderful and really know how to make a girl feel loved! 

Nolan made an appearance today during the ultrasound.  Kinda weird/kinda cute, my sister says this is plain creepy! haha!  The picture is his little face with his hands up like he is pretending to be a bunny!  He is already a little ham! 
I can not wait to actually meet them.  My Dr. says he highly doubts I will make it this long, but if all goes well he may not induce labor until mid July!  Ugg 7 more weeks seems like an eternity!  But having healthy babies is the goal.  I would be equally miserable knowing they were struggling in the NICU as I would be just hanging in there and giving them more time to grow.  

So cheers to the next maybe 7 weeks!  I see the Dr. again next week to see how growth is coming and how they are handling everything.  Pray July gets here quick for me!

Monday, May 19, 2014

30 weeks done!

Nolan and Corra's due date is finally feeling like it is getting close!  I can hardly wait to meet them!  
Ryan and I have everything pretty much in place.  We have done some little fix ups around the house to feel more settled and ready for our kidos to come home for the first time! 

Things have been pretty tough for me. My gestational diabetes is a bit out of control, and so in order to keep my blood sugar levels stable I was only able to eat a little over 1000 calories a day.  My Dr. told me this past week to eat more like 1500-2000 calories, and to see where the blood sugar levels fall.  I struggle with doing this because I know having high levels of sugar in my blood hurt Nolan and Corra.  I am doing the best I can and trying not to feel frustrated, and worried.  I go back to the Dr. with the new data on Wednesday and we will see from there where things go.
Since my last post I have lost 5 lbs and I am up to 17 lbs over my pre pregnancy weight.  My big ol belly keeps growing and is now 38.5 inches around at my belly button.  As of last week I was measuring 38 weeks in fundal height, which is based off of only one baby not two.  So if I were having only one kid I would be very close to popping! All of you moms out there know I feel big, heavy and quite achy.  Aside from the gestational diabetes I have some nerve pain that shoots up my back and down my left arm.  Not really too bad though, I know it is only temporary and I thank God it isn't down my legs!  

I try not to complain, but I have been quite irritable lately.  I really miss feeling good, and it is pretty hard for me to feel tired, and in pain daily.  Luckily I have been getting outside and getting in a walk almost everyday, which keeps me feeling like I am doing something.  The babies are about 3 pounds each now, and I feel them moving constantly.  It is mind easing to know they are moving in there and growing.  When I get frustrated with not running, dealing with gestational diabetes, the constant aches, and PUPPS(an itchy rash thought to be caused my pregnancy hormones) I remind myself how lucky I am to not be on bed rest, and to have 2 little ones still growing! 

As the time grows closer to me being able to run again, I have been trying to wrap my mind around getting back to running and what it will look like.  I feel that I am in for a rude awakening when I realize just how out of shape I am!  haha!  It will be a fun process to see what starting over entails! Nolan and Corra have about 6 more weeks until its go time unless they decide otherwise earlier.  I was born this week in my mom's pregnancy and that gives me some more peace of mind.  
On to week 31 we go!  Im getting eager to meet the little ones! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Nolan and Corra!

A day later than promised, but I was soooo tired yesterday!  We are excited to announce we are having 1 boy and 1 girl!  We can not wait to meet Nolan and Corra!

We had a great time celebrating with friends and family yesterday and here are some photos of our showers!

Cathy, Diane, Meredith, Me, and Haley

Brandi and Morgy

My Family!

My Columbus Shower!  Thanks Carly!

There are actually 7 people in this pic! Carly, little Robertson Baby, Me, the twins, Mom S. and Kelsey! 

Tired Ryan and I after the shower!

Spellman side of the family Dad, Ry, Me, Mom, and Grandma Maty.
GO ZIPS 8 former Zips and 1 current!

A sleepy Peg after a long day of people around!