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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

22 Weeks down, 14 Weeks Left!

Running has been on my mind with the milder temperatures, and missing 5-10 hours of girl time weekly!  So I plan to ride the bike with the gals for their long run on Sunday!  WOO HOO!!!  I am enjoying the better weather by getting out for some short walks with Pegasus, and a couple rides on the bike with Ry while he gets in some miles this spring!  It has been nice to be able to be outside and enjoy some spring weather.  I am looking forward  to more of that in the upcoming weeks.

Week 22 went by without too much to say and I am starting to feel heavy and uncomfortable some days.  But after my Dr. appointment today I know that I have gained 15 pounds at this point which is still on the low end, but in good range for week 23.  He said that both the heartbeats were strong and sound good!  So we know they are growing and that is very exciting. I only have 14 weeks to go (but who is counting), and I really am not sure where more baby is going to go!?!  I feel stretched to the max and sleeping is only decent every 4th night or so, once I am tired enough to pass out.  One great thing for my peace of mind, they kick ALL the time, so I worry about them much less!
I have gained 15 lbs
The babies are each 11 inches long and over 1 lb! 
I measure at 23 weeks the same as the average singleton pregnancy at 30 weeks!

We FINALLY received our other headboard to replace a broken one that came with the first set of cribs, and we now have the babies room furniture all set and ready to go! I can't wait to share a pic of their room.  But, we have their names above their cribs, so not until May 4th when we share their gender!  Only about a month to go and then the secret will be out!

On the left: Racing at Raleigh one year ago where I would run my 5k PR.

On the right: Action shot, me and the twins on the elliptical. A typical morning for us.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Time For Week 22

This past weekend was rife with speedy times being posted all across the country!  I was very proud seeing many of my CED teammate's hard work starting to pay off this year!  But man do I MISS RUNNING!!  As the weather gets nicer and nicer out it is becoming increasingly tough not to feel jealous!  I miss the simple pitter patter of my own feet on the pavement and the incredible feeling of a workout well done.  I have reassessed my goals for 2015-2016 and I am going to be very aggressive in chasing them down.  I only have 6-8 years left to really get much faster. and I don't want to look back and wonder what I could have done if I had gone all in and really raced and pushed myself fearlessly.  So I am preparing mentally during this 6 month down time to really be ready to challenge myself like never before in the upcoming years.   Meanwhile I am plugging away on the elliptical, and reminding myself to enjoy all I still get to do!  

I am up just under 14 lbs. from my pre-pregnancy weight, and feeling pretty good still.  I am out of breath after pretty medial tasks, largely because my diaphragm is being squished by the 2 lbs of baby, 4 more lbs of amniotic fluid, and 4 lbs of placenta, commandeering  it's way into my abdomen!  

All of that looks something like this! 
My belly button is an outie, and I feel the little ones kick, wiggle and squirm ALL of the time now.  I don't particularly like the feeling of them moving, but it gives me peace of mind that they are doing ok, and growing! I am already nervous to see how I can possibly get bigger in the next 15 weeks, and I am prayerful that I don't end up with crazy stretch marks.  

Ryan and our families are getting excited to meet the twins.  We can't wait to have them home, and see what our family looks like as we learn to deal with the new challenges. I am embracing it all the best I can, but as many of you can expect, it is all a bit overwhelming for me.  Being a planner makes it a challenge to just patiently wait and see what happens.  Ill learn to be more flexible and I know that will make me a better person, so cheers to that (with sparkling grape juice of course)!  Next month I will start working less hours, as my body shows signs of not being able to handle standing for 8-10 hours.  I love this time of year in a running store, but when my back and feet start to hurt I'm pretty much useless! I mean who really wants to work with a grimacing, breathy, waddling girl anyway! lol!!  

I am excited to work my way through week 22.  Everyday is a day closer to being un-pregnant!  I don't know how elephants do this for 3 years... I guess when they are this cute they are worth it?!?
Baby RY!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finally past 20 weeks!

Week 20 went Cruising by!  What a great thing!  With warmer weather and some sunshine it was probably the nicest week we have had since November!  Now if Mother Nature would just allow us this pleasantry for awhile and then strike up the band and get us back to summer, then we would really have something!

This week was actually a little tough.  I started feeling a scratchy throat on Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning I was positive I had a cold.  While being pregnant it is a challenge to make sure you don't take any medication that can negatively effect the babies, so I used a NetiPot (disgusting) and some vapor rub to soothe my woes away.  I pretty much just slept as much as I could stand and sucked down lots of water, juice, and Nunn as I could.   It took until Sunday for me to really start feeling better.  Our beautiful lil pup was also spayed this week so I had a rest up partner in crime.  It made me feel justified in spending a significant amount of each day cuddle up on the couch with her!  haha!

Grandpa lost 11 lbs and I've gained it!
Saturday I decided it was time to measure my stomach after a constant achy feeling for the entire 9 hour shift I had at work. Sure enough I wasn't disappointed!  My oh my, my stomach has grown 3 INCHES  around in 10 days!  I measure the circumference around right at my belly button, just to have an idea of how I am growing.  I was 32 inches when I last checked on Wednesday Feb 26th and on Saturday March 8th I was a solid 35!  While I don't like the look or the feeling, I like knowing that the little ones are growing and getting ready to come meet us!  Let me tell you little ones, we are awesome and you are totally going to love us! haha!

The warmer weather has me really hankering to run!  I am now jealous of all of my fit friends out there enjoying the 40+ degree weather.  Although the next 2 days might be yucky.  I have been able to get out for some walks and that makes it a little better.  At least I have my elliptical!  Watching all the fast times happening around me has me writing down big goals a year from now, and thinking of the best ways to stay healthy while getting there.  I am hopeful that this is a much needed break after 18 years of running, and my faster days are yet to come!

Throwback to just over a year ago.  2nd place team USATF Club 8k Champs!  Our top 3 were all top 10!
I love these ladies and miss spending lots of time with them!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 19 recap

The past week actually went by quick!  So that was exciting!  I have felt pretty good, so that is a great thing.  I was on the elliptical 5 times last week for 30-45 mins each and that actually makes me feel as close to normal as I am going to for the next 5 months so I have been enjoying that.

As far as getting bigger, well I think my boss said it best, "I don't want to be offensive, but you are getting bigger by the day".  Haha!  I know!  My weight gain has been between 10-11 lbs depending on the time of day I check, so pretty typical and in the normal range for someone my size carrying twins.
I look like I've gained 30 lbs, but its all belly!
Holy stomach!  How am I going to do this for 17 more weeks?

I feel normal somedays and others my stomach just aches from growing so quickly.  Sleep has been hit or miss, some nights I only wake up for a bathroom break or 2 and others its very tough to sleep.  I woke up this morning with a cold...sore throat and headache. I took the day off work (huge thanks to my awesome co-workers for always helping each other out), and I am resting up on the couch with this little angel who go spayed yesterday.
Pegasus healing up on the couch after her spay surgery.

So all in all things seem to be going well here.  Ryan wants to tell family the genders of the kidos, but from experience not many of our relatives can be trusted with such information.  I said we can if he wants, but I will inform them that I will be VERY disappointed in them if they share the info, and will tell them that I am unhappy about it. haha!  So he is still thinking on what he really wants to do there. I can't wait to tell everyone on May 4th though!  So exciting!

Keep sending your positive vibes our way!  Hoping for another quick week in our countdown!!