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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 19 recap

The past week actually went by quick!  So that was exciting!  I have felt pretty good, so that is a great thing.  I was on the elliptical 5 times last week for 30-45 mins each and that actually makes me feel as close to normal as I am going to for the next 5 months so I have been enjoying that.

As far as getting bigger, well I think my boss said it best, "I don't want to be offensive, but you are getting bigger by the day".  Haha!  I know!  My weight gain has been between 10-11 lbs depending on the time of day I check, so pretty typical and in the normal range for someone my size carrying twins.
I look like I've gained 30 lbs, but its all belly!
Holy stomach!  How am I going to do this for 17 more weeks?

I feel normal somedays and others my stomach just aches from growing so quickly.  Sleep has been hit or miss, some nights I only wake up for a bathroom break or 2 and others its very tough to sleep.  I woke up this morning with a cold...sore throat and headache. I took the day off work (huge thanks to my awesome co-workers for always helping each other out), and I am resting up on the couch with this little angel who go spayed yesterday.
Pegasus healing up on the couch after her spay surgery.

So all in all things seem to be going well here.  Ryan wants to tell family the genders of the kidos, but from experience not many of our relatives can be trusted with such information.  I said we can if he wants, but I will inform them that I will be VERY disappointed in them if they share the info, and will tell them that I am unhappy about it. haha!  So he is still thinking on what he really wants to do there. I can't wait to tell everyone on May 4th though!  So exciting!

Keep sending your positive vibes our way!  Hoping for another quick week in our countdown!!

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