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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Postpartum Training Cycle

I made some huge mistakes coming back from having my twins, and the purpose of this blog is to help you or someone you know NOT to do what I did at first, but to learn from my mistakes, and do what I did after a layoff to get to healthy and run some faster times again. 

People have asked to see what I did to come back so first I will show you what not to do. 

postpartum (PP) week 1- short walks

PP week 2- walks

PP week 3- weekly total-12 miles

PP week 4-  weekly total-19 miles

PP week 4- here is where I start to make big mistakes-weekly total 30 miles with 1 workout- 6x1 minute hard/1 min easy

PP week 5- 1 workout- 7 miles with 1 mile@6:15, and 6x400@6:00 pace, 34 miles total.

PP week 6- 1 workout-6x800@2:45-2:55, total 27 miles.

PP week 7- 1 workout 3x(800, 600, 400) between 5:24 and 5:45 pace, 39 miles total.

PP week 8- 2 workouts- 2400@ jog/stride, 2x1600, 1x800, and 10 with 4 miles@6:35 pace, total miles 50.5

PP week 9- 2 workouts-12x400 @76-88 (faster as I went), and 9 miles with 4@6:30, long run 12 (total-47)

PP week 10- 2 workouts- 2x(1200, 1000, 600), 1200@ 5:40 pace, and 10 miles with 5@6:45, total 37 miles. 

PP week 10-  1 workout-1 mile@5:55, 2x400@83, and 4x200@38, and a race 16 total-1/2 marathon 1:24:27, total 41.5 miles.

Akron 1/2 Marathon 10 weeks PP

PP week 11- 2 workouts- 2x(4x400m, 2x800m), and 10 miles with 6@6:15-6:45, long run-12 (total-49)

PP week 12- 2 workouts- 2x (1k, 2k, 1k), and, 11 with 8@6:38 pace. long run 14 with cutdown under 7 for last 4 (total-55)

PP week 13- 15- 55-60 miles a week with a track session and tempo- by week 16 I was in PAIN!

So I had to start over! Here is what I should have done in the first place.

6 weeks of walking and doing postpartum core routine given to me after a functional movement screening.-- see blog here

SO MUCH CORE- 45 mins 4-5 days a week.

week 7- walk/run 3 days, 3 mins run/2 mins walk- 4x pp core

week 8 walk/run 4 days, 4 mins run/1 min walk- 4x pp core

week 9 walk/run 5 days, 5 mins run/1 min walk- 4x pp core

week 10 - 5 days 2 miles easy- 4x pp core

week 11- 5 days  3-4 miles easy- 5x pp core

week 12- 5 days of 4 miles easy, 1 long run 6 miles 4x pp core

week 13- added in speed starting with 4x400 increase long run to 8 miles. 30 miles total 4x pp core

week 14- 6x400 and 10 miles long run 35 miles total 4x pp core

week 15- added in an additional mile of speed and a light tempo of 3 miles, long run 12,  40 miles total 4x pp core. 

week 16- resumed training similar to prior to injury.  Gave myself an 85% rule.  I would not go beyond what felt like 85% of my max.  So I head back.  I increased my mileage by 2-5 miles a week until I was back to 80 miles a week and in marathon training.  I increased my long run 2 miles for 2 weeks, then one week down, (example- long run 12, long run 14, long run 10, long run 14, long run 16, long run 10). 
Grandma's Marathon 2:47- 11 months PP
Coming off of Grandmas I had a lot of work to do to find the 5 minutes I would need to hit the 2:43 Olympic Trials Standard at Columbus  4 months later.  I continued with my 4x core work weekly. Added in drills before every run, and this is how the training cycle went. 

Last week of June was all easy runs between 4-8 miles.

July- 55-75 miles a week- long runs 15, 16, 17, 17.  Tempos- 4-8 miles.  Speed- 5 miles once a week of speed intervals. 

August- 75-85 miles a week- long runs 16, 18, 18, 20.  Tempos- 6-10 miles. Speed- 5-6 miles of speed once a week. 

September- 70-85 miles a week- long run 22, 20, 18, 18 with speed.  Tempos- 10-15 miles.  Speed- 5-6 miles of speed once a week. 

October- taper from 70 miles the last week of Sept to 60 and 55 for the last 2 weeks. Last long run was 15 miles, and a couple speed workouts one with 5 miles of work and another with 3 miles of work. 

Columbus Marathon 2:44:44- Olympic Trials Qualifier after the standard was adjusted to 2:45.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Eugene Marathon - Olympic Trials Qualifier Number Four!

"Sixteen down, four to go".  It was cold, windy, and grey. My first 20 miler of the marathon cycle, and my heart felt like it was missing something. I had pondered for quite sometime why I didn't quite feel the spark I once had.  I still loved running, I still had goals I wanted to achieve, but the unabashed passion was missing. I started to ascend a hill, when an ad from the late 90's popped in my head, my heart raced, my pace dropped, and a smile crossed my face. I had just found the missing piece.

An advertisement, I loved, ran in Runners World (I think) in the late 90's - early 2000's and stated "Money doesn't wait at the top of the hill. Glory doesn't wait at the top of the hill. All that waits at the top of the hill is the top of the hill".   I had decided in middle school that the top of the hill was what I wanted, that getting to the top of the hill was enough, that seeing where the top of my hill would be fulfilling. Here I was fretting about 2:45 pace and how I would be able to handle it in a few months. I decided in that moment to shift my thinking.  I stripped off the limitations I was putting on myself, I wanted to find how fit I could get between then and Eugene, not see if I could find a way to sub 2:45.  For me, seeing what I was capable of, pushing to the top of the hill, that was exciting.  With my new shift in mindset, I viewed training not a means to 2:45, but as a way to start pushing myself toward my limit. This yielded a new excitement to see what I was capable of.  My goal in running had always been to see what I could do, and leave the sport with no "what if's".  But somewhere I had forgotten that.

After races in Austin and D.C. (Link about those here), I returned home excited about the possibilities in Eugene.  Five weeks around 95 miles a week with tempos, long runs, and speed work each week, then two weeks of taper later, I was in Oregon! I was able to spend a few days with Jennie (college teammate and one of my best friends) and enjoyed being with her. She did everything for me, food, driving, you name it, she did it!  Thank you Jennie!

Prior to the race, I set my mind on running 26.2 miles to the best of my ability on the day, and believed that would be around 2:37.  The gun went off and I filed in with Colton and Kate.  Around 4 miles I knew I was working harder than I would be able to sustain so I backed off a bit.  My head started to go to a dark place, "You're not going to get the 'A' standard", "No! Run the best 26.2 miles you can TODAY" I reminded myself.  The first 10 miles flew by, Kate was long gone, and Colton remained close. He could sense my need to just deal with myself so he ran 20-30 meters ahead of me, and it was perfect. I had someone to chase after.  I took in "Long Haul" by Spring Nutrition at miles 7, 14, and 21. My stomach would not be an issue this day.

I knew Jennie would be at mile 16 so I set my sights on getting there.  The miles started to get a little longer around that time, and my smile was more of a grimace.  I still felt in control hitting around 6:10 pace, but each mile was getting harder.  Around mile 18 I had a cramp in my ribs that freaked me out a bit, but it subsided a few miles later. At mile 20 I knew I had about a 3 minute cushion which meant I could run 6:45ish pace and still hit the OTQ so my mind stayed focused. I reminded myself to run the best 26.2 miles I could many times over the next few miles.  Mile 22 Colton held up 4 fingers and I thought "just 24 more minutes of work".  Mile 25 Jennie was there and my ugly cry face made an appearance.  I pushed for the last mile, and both legs buckled on a small dip (or possibly not) in the pavement. "Where the fuck is Hayward Field?" I thought, the trees covered the view of campus and I desperately wanted to see the stadium.  Approximately one eternity later (like I said the miles were getting longer) I popped of the bike path to the screaming voices of Maureen and Paul Heintz.  Mo and Paul were my bosses nearly 10 years ago in a running shop and having them there was special.  A few hundred meters later I heard my Oiselle teammates screaming as I entered Hayward Field. I touched the sacred track and ran as hard as my legs would let me. I crossed the finish line in 2:41:49, I threw up, and Colton handed me my medal.  I had done what I set out to do. Run the best race I could on the day.  I made it to the top of my hill. I climbed until it was over, and felt proud to push myself as hard as I could. While I came up short of my "A" goal in numbers I knew I ran my "A" race on the day.  I am thrilled to have a fourth Olympic Trials Qualifier!  I am excited to see what I can do between now and Atlanta in 2020.

Trying to break 2:42 in the final 200 meters 

All smiles

Holding back the tears of joy. 

Thankful to have Colton!

Lyndy and I post race! 

Splits (manual using course markers)
3- 6:07-up
5- 6:00-down
6- 5:58-down
10-6:06 (1:00:31)
13-6:12 (1/2-1:19:52)
20-6:14 (2:02:34)
.2-1:27--2:41:49. (1:19:52/1:21:58)

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Blog Revival- Training and Racing Update

I didn't mean to let my blog go to the wayside, but I did with 2017 being a very challenging year for me, I pretty much forgot about it!  I love being able to blog and share my journey a bit so let's try this again!

In 2015 we moved to Columbus and it was no secret I did not like this move.  I felt like I had to give up a lot to move. From a running perspective losing my training partners, a wonderful running community and the hills in the north east. Also from a personal perspective losing quick proximity to my family and closest friends. It felt like more than I could deal with. I was unhappy. Columbus feels very big and dense to me, and being so close to Ryans family left me feeling like a square peg in a round hole.  In December we found a piece of property a little further out from the city with a creek, woods, and some rolling hills, all in very close proximity to my favorite park here while still in the same school district for our kids.  A few days after Christmas we made the move!  As with all moves it was stressful, haha!  But I quickly felt more at peace here.  Low and behold, my training took a turn for the better. The saying that "a happy runner is a fast runner" might have some validity. 

While I am over winter.  This is not a bad view.

Our own personal ice bath! 

Late last year I made the decision to shoot for the Olympic Trials standard at the Eugene Marathon.  January was a good month of building with 341 miles,  some decent tempos and speed work and getting long runs up in the 18-20 mile range.  Working with Inside Tracker has been helping me to feel better trying to improve my fasting glucose, and raise my vitamin D levels.

February was another good month hitting 333 miles. It was exciting getting to race my first half since Grandmas in June, where a stomach bug got the best of me, and I finished in 1:33 maybe!?  The Lonestar Birds were incredible hosts once again and I loved every minute of my time in Austin for the Austin Half Marathon.  I had a great first 10k coming through in a smidge under 36 mins and feeling good, but then my stomach was done. I had to stop twice for the bathroom and struggled. 1:19:16.  NOT the time I was shooting for but a good indicator that on a tough day my fitness was around where I was believing it to be.  Austin is a wonderful race, VERY well organized, with great crowd support. It is hilly, and fun.  I would recommend it! I took away from this race that I was fit, I STILL LOVE AUSTIN, and I needed to figure out this stomach issue I thought was "fixed".
Incredible hosts!  Kaitlin raced solid too!

Group run with Lonestar Birds! 

Mid race suffering.

Before the struggle (I think)! 

Following the race I talked with a dietitian who is also the founder of Spring Energy (the gels I use and love) and he helped me to make a plan taking out much of the fiber from my diet in the couple days leading up to the race.  I had a DNA test to see if I had any common food intolerances and discovered Soy was one of them.  So going into my next race I would use this low fiber plan, and keep soy out of my diet.

March would continue to allow progress with some of the best tempo's I workouts I have run in 4 years and a few possibly ever. I would close the month out with 382 miles, and FINALLY a good race. In my opinion, this was the best race I have run in 4 years as well. 1:17:05 for DC Rock and Roll half on a hilly course on a windy day was a strong showing, and a good fitness check. This race really excited me for what I can do in Eugene.  I started to really believe my dreams for this spring can become a reality.  A tempo last week in 59:25 for 10 miles was spot on my A goal pace for Eugene.

DC with my Brother and soon to be Sis in law

The incredible volee of DC were amazing before during and after the race! 

My goal is to go for the Olympic Trials A standard in Eugene, I know I am on the cusp and hope April's training will lead me to my "A" goal of sub 2:37.  I do not want to be reckless, so if 5:56 pace feels like I am in over my head on race day I want to be smart and shoot for under 2:40 ("B"-goal).  Finally my "C" goal is to be under 2:45 the Olympic Trials B standard.

With less than a month to go to Eugene my training will be backing off in about 2 weeks in prep for race day.  I plan to update my blog more often with updates!  On to April and my first marathon since Akron 2016!  

I am thankful for all of your support and I can't wait for Eugene marathon weekend to be here!  Good luck with your spring goals!  

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

No BS!

As runners we all know the feeling of needing to use the bathroom at very inopportune times. It happens, we try to mitigate by getting up earlier, drinking and eating appropriate foods at appropriate times, planning bathroom stops into our runs, and making A LOT of shit jokes. Because, shit happens!  I have had issues with "taking a Spellman" as my Akron run family likes to call it, for quite some time in training runs.  Every once in awhile it would happen in a race, but it was usually a fault of my food choices prior. Then a few years ago it started happening more often in races, like in ALL races over 10k. I knew the catalyst was the type of calories I was consuming while running. But I went to a Dr. to make sure.  After many tests, the answer was, your shitting because of the gels. So I sought new gel options, with no success. I quit taking them in training, because every training run was stop, go, stop, go, stop, GO!  I eventually started to rely on Immodium to STOP the shitting. Because I needed fuel. The Immodium upset my stomach, but I wasn't leaving a mess all over the streets, so win...right?  Wrong. I would then feel terrible for 2 days post race with stomach pain and needing to clear out, all I had stopped up. Not shitting, was shitty too.
A rather "shitty" situation finishing 2015 Columbus Marathon

This summer I was super lucky and got to go spend some incredible weekends hanging out with my Oiselle Volee teammates at a few Bird Camps.  After speaking with the ladies in Wisconsin, our conversation turned to the "shitty" side of running, literally. We talked about our woeful GI moments for quite some time. The following morning, during our long run, I suffered from another bought of needing many bathroom breaks after taking my gels. I was in a lot of GI pain for 3-4 hours following the run. We didn't have great cell service, but I told myself I was going to find something different when I got home. I was sick of half of my weekend being spent worrying about shitting, and the other half being spent actually shitting.   So a few days of searching, reading about how XYZ brands were different, only to compare ingredients and feel let down that they were including darn near the same things. I came across Spring Energy.  I read the ingredients and felt excitement!  It was just plain and simple food!!

Here is an example of the ingredients found in Spring Energy Long Haul.

A few days later I had them laid out on my counter for the following mornings tempo.   I had 2 "Long Haul" gels and one "Power Rush" ready to slip into my Koala Clip (a wonderful phone carrier made by a Oiselle Volee, that happens to be awesome for gels too!) and tuck into my stride shorts in the morning.   I took one "Long Haul" during my warm up. It was different than other gels right away. It was a little chunky. But the taste was good. It had a subtle taste of peanut butter, and it wasn't overpowering and went down very easy for me.  40 mins later I had warm up and 4 miles tempo behind me and took another "Long Haul".  To my surprise and sheer excitement 2 miles later I still had not needed to shit!  With 2 miles left of tempo effort,  I took a "Power Rush" this was plum and also somewhat chunky.  The subtle taste was great and again went down easy with no weird after taste!  I arrived back at my house 15 miles later, and couldn't stop talking about how excited I was about this. I haven't used a gel and not shit myself in years, I wouldn't have dreamed of taking 3 gels on a run that was shorter than a marathon.  I could hardly contain my excitement.  I had a 28 mile day on tap later that week and I knew that would be the real test. Well you can guess what happened since I am writing this post. I took a total of 3 "Long Hauls", 2 "Power Rush", and 1 "Hill Aid", and 2 "McRaecovery"  during the duration of 28 miles and recovering between and after.   I never had an GI issues. That right there is no BS!  100% no bull shit, as a matter of fact, no out of place shit at all! I could hardly contain my excitement and after a few conversations, I was honored to announce I would be an ambassador for the Spring Energy Brand.

Spring Energy nutrition is different. The "flavors" (which are just the flavor of the food that is in each gel) each have a specific purpose. Unlike most gel brands where you choose any flavor option, and get the same gel with different flavoring and coloring added, Spring Energy gels are real food specifically designed for times and circumstances within race and training settings.  There are different needs for different demands and Spring Energy's gels are designed to meet them. Below you will find a diagram explaining!

I have been asked what I like, and what is my favorite flavor.  In all honesty I like the taste of all of the products. In particular, I love the taste of the Mango "Hill Aid", and I think the "Electroride" drink is addicting. I love it. But what I really love is the food itself. It is just food, plain and simple.  I believe this is what I had been searching for.  If you are looking for a brand that makes nutrition that is food, or won't mess up your GI tract I strongly suggest giving Spring Nutrition a shot. If you are struggling through trying to figure out what will work for your in your upcoming races, grab a variety pack, and I believe you won't regret it.  It has been awesome for me, and I am so thrilled to be a part of the #springtribe! You can use code "BeckiS" for 10% off your purchase!  If you have any questions is full of videos and information, or you can email me at

Follow along for race updates as I run the half at the Akron Marathon on September 23rd,  followed by the Columbus Marathon on October 15th! I am excited to race, and watch all my teammates and friends tackle their fall goals over the next few months! 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Summer Recap

Woah!  Where did summer go?  The past few months have been a whirlwind of miles, vacation, mom's surgery, more miles, Bird Camp, laughter, miles, Bird Camp, Bird Camp, all the miles, all the smiles, all the tears, Sam's liver surgery, and you guessed it...more miles! Running hit a speed bump mid August with some knee pain and a huge emotional let down. While there was a lull in my parents health issues.  I sighed, and couldn't wake back up! My mind felt like total mush and I fretted I wouldn't be able to pull things together in time for a fall marathon.  So I gave myself some mental health days.  I took two days off, ran for sanity, and then took another day off. I gave myself a month to see if things would turn around, and if they did I planned to continue to channel my fall goals toward the Columbus Marathon on October 15th.  It only took 2 weeks to feel confident again.  After a 22 miler with miles 7-18 averaging 6:07, I stopped worrying about my fitness, and began to build the mental focus I will need to achieve my goal of qualifying for a fourth Olympic Trials Marathon in Columbus.  I have 6 weeks of training until Columbus!  Here is a photo recap of summer!

Spellman Family vacation with photos early 2000's style. 

Volee Meet Ups! 

The Spelltwins turned 3! 

DMV Bird Camp was a blast!

Prediction run at DMV Bird Camp!

Corra raced 400m and said "Mommy, that made me so happy" in response to the Hilliard Davidson gals cheering for her. Cue all the happiness my heart could hold. 

Pre-race fun! Nolan doesn't like bib numbers! 

Michigan Bird Camp wins for most beautiful run of the summer! Yes I am talking about the scenery, not just all the incredible women! 

I met a Birthday Twin, and laugh-cried with joy! 

Treier wedding

Haley was a stunning bride! 

The 22 mile workout that returned some of my confidence for my fall goals! Thank you Kelsi, and Ben for all the miles, and Ry for all the water!

Great Lakes Bird Camp Wisconsin seeing old friends! 

And making new!  
It was a fun, challenging, and incredible summer! Meeting so many teammates and getting to follow along and cheer for them on their journey is always incredible, and very fulfilling to me.  I love the support they give me as well! Thank you ladies for your kindness, love and strength.  I look forward to seeing you all in 2018!  My mom's mass was benign and her recovery has gone very well.  My step Dad is currently  in the hospital recovering from a successful liver surgery, and we hope to see him healthy soon! For now it is time to gain a few more weeks of fitness prior to taking on the Akron 1/2 marathon on Sept. 23rd, and my goal race of Columbus on Oct. 15th.  Closing out the summer, and looking forward to a fast fall.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Columbus 10k and Training Recap

Summer is starting to warm up, and I am finally feeling normal getting back to some more mileage and thinking about big races.

Training Recap

Two weeks ago, May 22-28, I was still feeling the struggle of getting back into things and the lag and general fatigue that follows.   The week went well with 70 miles covered including a 14 mile long run, a track session with 3200, 4x400, 1600, and 4x400 that I struggled to hit the times on but knew plugging away was the right answer, and a tempo that was very very hard of 3x3 miles.    I always hate weeks of 70 miles.  In general they are ramping up, or coming down weeks and they usually feel pretty bad. This week was no different. The struggle felt very real.

Last week May 29-June 4  I covered 72 miles feeling much better than the week prior. My track session was still somewhat a grind vs. a strong feeling session, but the intervals were shorter and I was running faster. The workout was 400, 1600, 2x1k, 4x300 and 4x100.   My long run/tempo were squished into one 16 miler on Sunday as a race.

Columbus 10k recap

Columbus 10k always puts on a great event.  Back in the years when it started late in the morning, and it was way too hot, it was still great.  The more recent 8 am start makes the event more fun and enjoyable for all of us!  Thank you Cbus10k and Hoka One One for a great event!   Race morning came and it was nice and cool out. Upper 60's and not too humid. Stark contrast to the days prior watching the state meet and my mind drifting every once in awhile to my own race, and hoping for a cooler morning.  The morning did not disappoint and we were given great running weather this time of year!  Warm up went by uneventfully and I chatted with Samantha Bluske prior to the start.  I wanted to go out around 5:40 and be able to work from there. I went out a little quick 5:29, and settled down a bit.  I tucked in with a group of guys around and was thankful to have people to work with.  I was leading the race, but not really sure where any of the women were. 5:40's for the next 2 miles felt good, and I was happy to be on goal pace and feeling no pain.  I was worried after the half in April that my achilles could be a problem, but nothing!  A Oiselle teammate and her family were around 3-3.5 miles cheering and making me smile!  Cowbell corner is always such a lift!
Happy to be racing healthy! I can't help but smile at a Cowbell Corner!

Sometime after the fourth mile things really started to get hard, and the wheels seemed to fall off pretty quick.  I was still trying to fight for it when Sam passed me.  I tried to go with her, but it was short lived. Sammie and Emma both passed shortly prior to the 5 mile marker.  I believe this was a place I made a big mistake.  I should have immediately gone with them and done all I could to not allow a gap to be created.  Instead I settled for a minute and I couldn't make up the ground I had given away.  I should know better than to let these things happen.  None the less the mistake was made.  I finished 4th in 35:47 my fastest 10k in 7 years (I had to look this one up, I race 10k maybe once a year)!  While I was irritated at my racing mistake, I feel very happy with where my fitness is, and where it is going!  A very good step forward this weekend, and a lesson remembered; yes, I have made this mistake before.  

I came away from the weekend, knowing my fitness is coming along, and I am closer than I have been in a very long time to seeing some big races soon! I have a long way to go to Columbus in 19 weeks.  I am feeling excited to tackle the coming months, and see what I am capable of!  I am looking forward to some upcoming races along the way.  On June 17th I will be in Duluth to race the Garry Bjorklund 1/2!  I look forward to testing myself in Duluth and over the coming months of marathon training!  Thank you all for the cheers along the way.  On the great days it lifts me up a little more, and on the tough ones it gives me the inspiration I need to keep chasing!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

2017 Spring Update

I have been struggling to get a blog out, and for most of 2017 I have felt stuck.  But with a new goal, comes new passion, and all the exciting feelings.  Shortly after my last blog, my Step Dad was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, and I couldn't seem to find anything to say aside from it was hard to accept, and I felt sadness.  Between back and forth trips to Mom and Sam's(my Step Dad) home things were going well, and training was coming along.   Sam started chemo, and seeing him tolerate it well helped me to feel hope.
Poppa Sam and Corra swinging.

During this time running was a really nice outlet for me to clear my head and feel normal when things felt uncertain.  The next thing I knew I was having some of the best workouts I have had in a very long time.  I began to dream of fast times and a PR at USATF 1/2 marathon championships on April 29th.  On April 21 Ryan and I ran a local 5k in support of on of our neighbors and local schools.  Things went really well and my feeling that my fitness was on was solidified.  I finished 18 seconds under my prior road PR and felt pretty strong doing it.  Ryan won and pulled me along to second.
Look at those smiles!

Eight days later I felt really excited about my chance at a PR even in less than ideal weather.  I knew I was ready to go.  I enjoyed some coffee with Anna Weber the day before and we encouraged each other to chase our goals fearlessly the following morning.  I went to bed knowing I was less than 1 hour 16 mins of hard work away from the PR I had been chasing for nearly eight years.

The gun went of, and Andie Cozzerelli and I came through the mile together in 5:41.  I felt comfortable and we went through the next 2 miles in a similar pace. Suddenly, my left achilles felt very weird.  I backed off a bit and tried to adjust thinking maybe I was running a bit too fast, and a small adjustment would go a long way.  I had no sign of anything wrong at all in training so I was really surprised when it happened.  Even more surprising was when the pain kept increasing.  I tried running 6:00 pace, I tried doing a hard stride, nothing was changing it.  For 3 miles I tried to fix whatever issue had popped up.  No luck.  I ran back to the hotel with Ali Morgan.

Turns out I had a nerve entrapment and after about 10 days off and some dry needling, I finally was feeling pain free and ready to run. I have started back slowly at 50 miles and have worked back up to 70 this week and some workouts.

This weekend marks 20 weeks to the Columbus Marathon and I have good base fitness and ample time to prepare this summer/fall.

Follow my blog to get weekly training and racing updates between now and the Columbus Marathon on Oct 15th!  I have a number of races coming up starting with Columbus 10k on June 4th and Garry Bjorklund 1/2 on June 17th!