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Monday, July 28, 2014

Being A New Mom/Ready To Run Again!

After 13 days in the NICU we were able to bring Nolan and Corra home!  I was apprehensive, and a bit nervous, but after a few days I felt confident that we could handle them, and that they would do just fine home, and no longer in the hospital.  Unlike most new parents we got 13 days of advice, and practice prior to bringing them home.  I was happy to have had the help.  The NICU nurses at Akron General are incredible.  They are so caring and gave us all the help they could not only for the kids, but also for my recovery.  We couldn't have had a better experience with a NICU.  I hope my kids never have to go back, but we were so thankful for the incredible staff during our stay. 

While living in the hospital allowed us to know our kids were being taken care of, it really took a toll on me.  I ended up getting PUPPP rash 3 days after having the kids, which is a result of the pregnancy and completely benign.  It itches like hell, and looks terrible. It covered my stomach, back,  butt, and then spread down my arms and legs.  It was/is terrible.  It is much better now, but still not gone. After a couple sleepless nights filled with itching, we got a little scare.  My face became paralyzed on one side. After spending 9p-12a in the ER we were relived to find out it was just Bell's Palsy, and I was hopeful it would go away soon.

Fast forward 3 weeks and I am making a pretty good and quick recovery from the Bell's Palsy!  I have most function back in my face, and unless you know me pretty well, you can hardly tell there is anything wrong! While the rash still itches, it is no longer raised nor red and it is slowly going way. 

Our kids are doing great! They are growing and well over 6 lbs now!  Pegasus seems to like them and spends every feed laying close and checking on them if they cry!

We have mastered bath time!  They LOVE getting their hair washed!  I will use this anytime they get super fussy! They instantly stop crying and close their eyes.  It is precious!  

Corra loves being close to Nolan and if you put them close, she will find a way to roll over to him and touch him.  This sends him into a crying fit!  He gets so annoyed.   It's pretty funny!

We are so happy that they are home and doing well.   It is tiring, and it is mentally exhausting to do the same thing every 3 hours around the clock, but I love them so much.  Not to say I haven't cried for absolutely no reason at all, and selfishly wished I was out running rather than feeding, but it is rewarding to care for them, and watching Ryan love on them makes my heart full. 

Im still 3 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, and have a belly.  It is NOTHING compared to the monster stomach I had!  Running is coming back slowly, and I got in 12 miles total last week!  
Mon: 2 miles 9 min pace
Tues: 2 miles 8:30 pace
Wed: off went for a walk
Thurs: 3 miles 8 min pace
Fri: 1 mile 8:15 pace
Sat: off
Sun: 4 miles long run 8:15 pace 

While it is going to be a long road back, I look forward to the challenge of staying healthy, and meeting my goal of qualifying to the Olympic Trials for a 3rd time. I am excited to share the experience of coming back from a twin pregnancy, dealing with the pressures of being a mom, and chasing down another dream with all of you! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spell Twins Have Arrived!

Last Tuesday, July 1st, I went for my 36 week ultrasound.  I was ready to hear the same old same old from my doctor. Since I have ultrasounds weekly I knew the only way I would be having these babies was if they hadn't grown and were under the 10th percentile.  Ryan and I sat through the ultrasound and it seemed uneventful. They had grown, their little hearts were beating well, and they were moving. Hooray to healthy kidos, boo to dealing with pregnancy up to 2 more weeks.  But then Corra had low fluid from what the ultrasound tech could see.  That actually made me nervous. "What does that mean? Will see not be able to breathe if its too low?  How low are we talking here?"  I waited to see the doc, while Ryan headed into work.  I promised to call as soon as I talked to the doctor.

Doctor Davis walked into the room and didn't even make eye contact before saying.  "Well the fluid levels are too low, we have to end this pregnancy very soon".  I instantly teared up, thinking "oh my gosh, why am I tearing up? I am so ready for this to be done! But this is real, were having these kids. Breathe Beck, Breathe."  I said ok, and inquired about how soon this would happen.  He said Thursday or Friday.  He ordered another ultrasound to check that the fluid levels didn't get too low by the next day and I was scheduled to meet my little ones in a bright, white, operating room at 1:30 on Thursday July 3rd.  My panic quickly became excitement!

11:30 am Ry and I got to the hospital to start prep for the surgery.  I was mostly excited, but also a bit nervous of the whole getting cut across my abdomen thing.
My big ol' belly, rounding out at 43 inches around and with a fundal height of 45 weeks, ready to go into surgery!

Ry nervous for my surgery, but pumped to meet Nolan and Corra.

One more shot of the happy couple!

It took less than 30 mins from spinal block to being parents! Nolan (rt) born at 2:18pm weighed 5 lbs 11 oz and was 18 1/2 inches long. Corra born at 2:19 pm weighed 5 lbs 12 oz and was 18 3/4 inches long.  Ry and I were able to hold them for a few minutes before they were taken to the NICU due to low blood sugar. A complication as a result of my gestational diabetes.  We both had tears seeing them leave, and I even threw up!

Corra resting up in recovery. 
Nolan resting up in recovery.
Our little man 7 hours old.

Corra 7 hours old. 

Daddy and his little girl the morning after our little ones arrived! 

Nolan 4 days old.

Corra 4 days old. 

Sleepy Nolan

Sleepy Corra

Corra 5 days old.

Nolan 5 days old. 

Drunk on milk!

Proud of finishing her milk.

Our sleepy little family (day 3)

We have had a great experience so far, and love getting to spend time with our kids. The twins are still in the NICU.  They are having trouble eating enough, and thus can't keep up with the caloric needs to stay healthy if they were to be sent home. So we feed, eat, sleep, and feed some more here in the NICU. We love that we get to see them so much, and we have learned a ton from the amazing doctors and nurses here.  I am recovering well, and resting when I can.  We are eager to get them home and healthy so we have really limited visitors and do the feeding ourselves per the instructions of the NICU staff.  Soon they will be home, and we look forward to everyone meeting them!

We are more in love with these two than we ever thought possible!  Thank you all for your love and support!

(Please excuse any errors, there was a tired mind behind this post)