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Sunday, July 29, 2012

10 weeks to Akron

This week was the first week of real M-word training! I had a great week of training including 103 miles worth of running on 4 days of doubles. I got in a solid tempo session running along the course early on in the week, and a 12x1k session later. The tempo kept me on my toes running along the course including my first workout using mile 19 on the course. The mile markers are in the new places, and the course feels like home. That being said, its not going to be easy. Unlike last year there are some miles I know I NEED to work on effort and not on my watch. For me that is difficult and will test my patience! I handled it well this week, and I was happy about that. The faster session of the week was on a very muggy morning, and I was struggling after only 4k! The good news was that it was more a mental challenge than a physical one! I was able to hit all of the times, and keep the rest as planned, and get over myself a little along the way! haha! My long run was 22 miles, and I was so lucky to have someone for 18 miles of it! Lizzie ran 12 with me and I did a bit by myself and finished up with Jennie. It is hard to believe 2 weeks ago I was scared I might not be able to get going in time, and this week I was right where I hoped to be! I owe a HUGE "Thank you" to Dr. Leo Kormanik at Leo figured out what was going on, and got me back on me feet...literally!! I had a great time getting my first triple digit mile week in in about a year, and I was happy to have so much help and support from so many awesome people I wouldnt have in my life without our sport! I have a lot of work ahead of but I am motivated to get to that finish line faster than a year ago, so every step feels like it has a purpose. 9 weeks to go...