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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 14 update

Week 14 went by quickly! I am getting big enough that my pants aren't fitting the way that I am used to, and while they button, its not exactly comfortable. Haha! My mom and sister swooped in with some clothes to help out!  So we were very thankful for that!!

Running and I are taking a break  for the next 23+ (weeks until I am considered full term, and recover) weeks.  I am using the elliptical instead, and my doctor was happy to hear that!  He said I could "jog lightly" for a few more weeks, but it made me nervous.  I figure my elliptical and I need to become friends, so what better time to start than in the middle of the coldest winter I can remember?
We found out that our twins are fraternal and have separate placentas and spaces so that means 2 eggs and 2 sperm fertilized at the same time and poof...instant family of 4! haha!

Im growing...
I've gained just under 6 pounds

The twins are growing too...They are both about 3.5 inches long from head to butt and 4 inches long head to foot!  Thanks to this one being as stretched as possible we were able to see it's legs! 

I haven't been sick much, although sleeping without back pain has become the newest challenge.  But as of now I just turn on a heating pad and everything is A-OK!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

looking for coaching? I might be able to help!

Well as I grow into a huge image of my former self, I know I will be spending a little more time on my couch.  So I think it is a good time to talk about coaching.  As most of you know I have coached for awhile.  I was the coach at Wright State University, where my athletes ran over 190 PR's in 2 years, and we placed the highest Wright State has ever finished as a team in our conference both on the men's and women's sides.  I LOVE coaching, and if I could have coached college forever, I more than likely would have.  The reason I left Wright State was due to divorce, and a choice to relocate to an area where my family and friends were close here in North East Ohio!  I have coached myself to 2 Olympic Trials Marathons as well.

I have since coached a number of athletes, most currently Ryan (My husband) from 3 years off to 2:30 in his first marathon, and a 31 year old mom from 3:52 in the marathon to 3:40 (I have been working with her since November).  While the marathon is my forte, I love to coach anything from 5k right on up to 50k.  Past 50k and I am not your lady!  I typically charge 75$ a month for unlimited email access to me, and weekly training advice.  Including each day what run, rest, or cross training to do.  Advice on core building, race day planning, nutrition, and the mental side of becoming a better athlete.  If you or someone you know is interested in having me work with you please contact me via email at  I would love to help!  If you can not afford $75 a month ask and I will do my best to negotiate a price that will work for you!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1 Thing, 2 Thing. Red thing Blue thing?!

Today was our first ultrasound to see our little one.  Ryan and I were both pretty excited for our first glimpse of the little one we so lovingly call "it".  I was glad Ry was able to take the morning off and come with me.  Jessica the ultrasound tech took us back and started the ultrasound.  The first thing she said was, "so what do you see?" I thought to myself, "Oh boy, this is going to be a long appointment if she asks us to point out each body part separately".  Then, I saw what she was talking about...
Thing 1 and Thing 2

We're having twins!  

I immediately thought of Connie Gardner telling me that I was an efficient person and I would have twins and have it over with.  I had actually told Ryan a number of times that I thought she might be right with how sick I have been.  But, over the past week having only gained 2.5-3 lbs in 13 weeks I figured I was wrong.  I felt justified in that I'm not the biggest wuss in the world!  I really was feeling quite sick!  

Now we have lots to think about!  We have to make some more room for the little ones, bunk beds will have to be fought over, and names...we only thought of one boy option and one girl!  Haha!  

This is easily the most excited I have been about the pregnancy!  I have told Ry since about 8 weeks, no go on doing this twice.  So we were going to have to settle on one kid-o, but now I won't have to feel guilt for only being willing to do this once! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 12

I started feeling better about half way through week 11!  I was quite nervous the first day that I felt good.  I kept waiting on the nauseous feeling to hit, and with every passing hour tried to just enjoy a good day! But then 1 day turned into 5 and I couldn't be happier.  I still feel quite tired and have had some headaches and blah feeling nights but, I am finally able to run semi normal and that makes me happy!! 30 miles a week is fine with me if that's all I can handle but 10-15 is just saddening! 

Week 12 training looked like this.

Monday- 4 miles nice and easy around the neighborhood with 1 pee stop...These are not real stops, you see with every step I feel like I need to pee, but the reality is,  it is just pressure.  I stop mostly because I mentally can't handle the feeling anymore and it keeps me going.  Haha if that makes sense.  So I am doing some sort of awkward 7:30 pace interval training! Lol. 

Tuesday- 2.5 miles warm up, 5:20 pace helping some CED ladies on their mile time trial.  Then 2x800@2:45 (3 min rest), 2x300@55-56 (2 min rest), 4x200@ 37ish (200jog rest). 1.5 miles cool down. Got in 9 on the day.  Actually felt great and running faster keeps me from feeling like I need to pee so that is wonderful!  haha! Enjoyed the workout and I was really proud of my teammates miles. 
Aubs ran 5:05...a lifetime PR!!  Keslo ran 5:19- Def the fastest mile she has run since I have know her.  Meredith was 5:30 a solid start for someone who is coming back from a stress fracture this fall, and Marissa and Mel were both under 6:00. So a good day!  
CED at the track on Tuesday. Happy Birthday Aubs (2nd from left)!!

Wed- off I KNOW I HAVE TO RUN IN THE AM! But I didn't thinking I would feel fine and I felt rough after work. So I chilled out and Ry and I watched a movie. I'm hopeful I'll feel better in the morning to get in some miles. 

Thursday- 10am JM circuit. Woah I'm super tired today every movement was a challenge! Who am I?!?  Short Very light 4 miles. When I am this tired, no need to make it worse. Enjoyed the run, and hopeful the rest of the week I feel good enough for a few more miles.

Friday-Not feeling well, JM circuit after work.  Still tired today.  I am hopeful I will feel like running/working out more soon.  

Saturday-4 miles with some good folks from seconds sole.  Not running much this week, but hoping to slowly run more as the weather gets better. For now 4 is about all I can take with the need to pee. lol! Allowing this to be a full mental break and really get in some base with only one workout a week. hoping for 5-6 miles a day next week! 

Sunday- 4 miles with Ry and 1k of it with Pegasus!  It was her first run, and it really tired her out. It was a good run for me!  Excited to get in a little more tomorrow.  Baby steps after 10 weeks down! 

Sunday was the best day of the week! I was able to watch the USA 1/2 marathon champs.  I was excited to see how Nicole, and Jenna would do!  They happened to end up being roommates and I woke up to a beautiful pic showing me! 
Love these gals!
So I eagerly watched the live feed at the finish line. I was thrilled to see them both run solid races, despite some set backs this fall.  Nicole ran her second fastest half ever 1:15:27, and Jenna ran great to start off 2014 on the right foot 1:16:13.  After a quick txt and Facebook post to congratulate them, I was GLUED to my computer waiting on 5k splits for another lovely lady.  I coach a gal named Crystal from the Houston area.  She was tackling her first marathon as a mom, and I knew she was ready for a big PR! 
She ran her 3rd fastest half marathon ever on her way through the 1/2, and I was pretty excited.  I saw she was struggling a bit around 30k-40k but she rallied and ran tough to a 12 MINUTE PR  of 3:40:31!! 

It was so exciting to watch everyone have such a great day!  I am one proud friend and coach right now!  Watching the race also made me excited to get back to running more hopefully soon, but more so in August/September to really get back to training!  I want to run a fast time too!  Watching all of these ladies kick ass just makes me one HUNGRY runner!  For now, I wait, and thank you ladies for keeping the fire burning!  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A (very) little detour.

You may have noticed I haven't been blogging much…you see, I have had a BIG SECRET,  and I am terrible at not spilling the beans!  The week prior to Thanksgiving Ryan and I got the news that we are pregnant!  We had decided at the end of October to try and see if we could have a kid-o prior to the end of 2014, and if we could, then we would.  If not we would wait until after the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon.   Well we got pregnant right away!  So now my real training is on hold until after the little one arrives!

pic of what our lil one might look like LOL!!
My knee jerk reaction, was "Woah, what did I get myself into?" But as time has passed I have embraced the idea and I look forward to meeting our wee tot, when it arrives. At the risk of sounding terrible I will tell the truth,  I do NOT enjoy anything about being pregnant so far. I have been pretty sick, really tired, and have this taste of metal in my mouth constantly that makes me hate all food, and feel nauseous.  Watching my fitness, that I was very excited to have this winter, slowly dwindle, has been less than exciting as well.  The day I found out, I had a track workout and I didn't want to tell people because I knew it was too early. A fellow athlete said to me, "I am really excited to see what you can do this spring, you are really fit.  You are going to run fast".  I held back tears at the thought of not being able to capitalize on all of this fitness I had worked so hard to gain.  People feel the need to tell you what they think even if it is a matter of opinion and goes against mine altogether.  I like advice and I am grateful for  little tidbits people have to offer.  But when we decide that one kid is enough for us, being told we are wrong, and should have more makes me quite angry.  I don't have to nor should I be made to feel like your choice in having 3 kids vs. one is better than mine.  I am also not cool with breast feeding.  I like the idea of pumping so the lil one gets breast milk, but just not directly from me. It makes me uncomfortable, and the thought of it is very ball and chain like, so I am choosing to do things differently.  I have had some great advice given to me from non judgmental standpoints and it has been more than welcomed and a huge help! It will be tough, but as far as running goes, I know it will come back next year and I know that not being abel to race or workout the way I would like to will only make me hungrier for 2015 and 2016.  A little fire being fanned can never hurt!

We are looking at a due date in the last week of July, and I am excited to be through the first trimester!  I heard its little hamster heartbeat for the first time today and we have our first ultrasound on Wednesday next week to get a little better glimpse of what to expect.  Fingers crossed everything keeps going smoothly!  I am already anxious to get back to racing in the fall next year.  But for now I am trying to enjoy the little detour!