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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 14 update

Week 14 went by quickly! I am getting big enough that my pants aren't fitting the way that I am used to, and while they button, its not exactly comfortable. Haha! My mom and sister swooped in with some clothes to help out!  So we were very thankful for that!!

Running and I are taking a break  for the next 23+ (weeks until I am considered full term, and recover) weeks.  I am using the elliptical instead, and my doctor was happy to hear that!  He said I could "jog lightly" for a few more weeks, but it made me nervous.  I figure my elliptical and I need to become friends, so what better time to start than in the middle of the coldest winter I can remember?
We found out that our twins are fraternal and have separate placentas and spaces so that means 2 eggs and 2 sperm fertilized at the same time and poof...instant family of 4! haha!

Im growing...
I've gained just under 6 pounds

The twins are growing too...They are both about 3.5 inches long from head to butt and 4 inches long head to foot!  Thanks to this one being as stretched as possible we were able to see it's legs! 

I haven't been sick much, although sleeping without back pain has become the newest challenge.  But as of now I just turn on a heating pad and everything is A-OK!

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