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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Getting Close! Here Goes Week 36!

Week 36 is here!  These 2 little munchkins are hanging in there tight despite my best efforts to coax them out!  I have promised them the world, but they don't want it, all they want is this nice warm cozy pouch apparently!  Ryan and I are ready to meet them and tell them face to face just how much we love them.  Talking to a lumpy stomach just isn't doing it for us anymore! haha!  
My past week was a mentally tough one.  As I see the stretch marks becoming more and more apparent and my fundal height reaches 44 weeks, I am mentally ready to be done!  That's right, this belly is stretched to the same size the average lady would be at if she carried a single kid 1 month past it's due date!  It is amazing our bodies can do it, but I kinda, sorta, hope (a lot) mine is reaching its (water) breaking point! 

In the city of Akron they do not allow induction until 38 weeks with uncomplicated twin pregnancies, so that means I am looking at an induction date of July 16th, and I had to plead for that!  My Dr. seems happy to just let them stay in there, but I finally said "Hey Buddy, I want this to be over STAT!" He listened, and if they aren't here by July 9th we will plan the induction!  

The babies should be 19-20 inches long and weighing in at 5.5 lbs each now.  So let me break this down for you. 
Thats 11 lbs, and 38-40 inches of baby,
 Average of 3 lbs of placenta,
Average of 3 lbs of amniotic fluid,
Average of 2 lbs of uterine enlargement,
Average of 2 lbs of added breast tissue (I will give myself 1 lb here),
Average of 4 lbs of added blood volume,
Average of 4 lbs of added fluids throughout the body.
That is 28 lbs of baby related material assuming I have gained 0 lbs of fat stores.

I have gained 22 lbs so...yea I think I am getting ready to be done with this! haha!
Eviction notice coming mid July!

I have become increasingly irritable, and I do cry out of frustration often. 
Many people have been incredibly helpful with advice, and stories of their pregnancies and after.  I love all of that.  It keeps me thinking, and has given me a lot of insight on the way I hope to do things, or the way I am happy to watch things pan out, and then make decisions.  But some people really are not good at giving advice, but rather telling you what to do, and 36 weeks later I can be a bit of a short fuse about it! haha!  I am terrible, I simply do not talk to the people who do this.   

This past weekend saw many friends of mine on the shores of Lake Superior to compete in Grandma's Marathon or the Gerry Bjorklund 1/2 and there were so many great performances! Dot McMahan ran one hell of an inspiring half to finish 3rd in 1:11!  It is so incredible to see a mom out there crushing it the way she is. I know it hasn't been the easiest road back to running PR's but seeing her do it gives me HUGE hope!  Nicole Camp ran 1:15,  I thought that was a hell of a race considering just 6 weeks ago she moved to Colorado and began training under Brad Hudson.  A new training philosophy and adjustment to a new life is always challenging.  Heidi Greenwood ran a PR of 1:17 and while it was short of her goal, she put it out there and held on well when the wheels came off a bit.  Jenna Boren ran another solid marathon (2:48), and it is good to see her taking steps forward after a rough fall.  So watching from afar was fun, but I can't wait to toe the line there next year.  Kelsi Nutter, Katie Kay, and I want to be there for the full next year and work together to get the 2016 Olympic Trials qualifying standard. 
(Picture From 2013)
I Can not wait for Grandma's Marathon 2015!

So as we work through week 36 hope for the babies to make an appearance, and keep my mental state in your thoughts and prayers!  HAHA!  I can't wait until we have pictures of Nolan and Corra to share with you!   

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