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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

43, I Mean, 35 Weeks!

Things are going well here!  Both Nolan and Corra are doing fine, and definitely growing.  I AM HUGE!  My fundal height is now at 43 weeks!  Which means my uterus measures the same size as a singleton mom's would if she were 3 weeks past her due date.  I don't know what else to call it but quite uncomfortable!  My stomach is 41 inches around at the belly button and its sagging! I do have stretch marks, but at this point they are light and not too deep.  Fingers crossed they don't become more apparent! OH boy (and girl)!  Nolan and Corra should each be weighing in at over 5 lbs and getting close to 20 inches long...thats 10 lbs and 40 inches of baby hanging out in there!   I ran my first mile in 5 months in 8:36, but since have decided it more than likely isn't in my joints best interest to do that. So it is back to wogging or walking depending on the way I am feeling each day.  I have gained 20 lbs now but should have close to 30 lbs of baby material going on, so hopefully Ill be back to my normal and ready to run weight shortly after delivery!

Sleeping has become as elusive as everyone said it would, and I'm getting about 3-4 hours a night depending on when I can get myself to finally fall asleep!  For a few days there I was really hoping I would go into labor and I had to stop letting myself think that way.  It was eating away at my soul, and I was feeling depressed every day it didn't happen.  So I am trying to enjoy my days instead of wish them away.  Its not easy being in this sort of pain, but I knowing that Nolan and Corra will be healthy is worth it.  Ryan's work trip to New Orleans came and went so we can breathe easy with no worry of him missing the delivery!  
I am getting very excited to see our little one's faces and meet them soon!  
All prayers for a simple and quick delivery are welcome!  

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