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Monday, August 1, 2016

Training Update July 2016

July flew by in a flurry of fun!  We went to Madeira Beach, with Ryan's family for the 4th of July, and had a family filled blast!  Lots of swimming, sand, and bud light filled up my last down week prior to really getting into marathon training for the Akron Marathon on September 24th.   I enjoyed the week of short runs with Ryan and Kelsey, but was eager to get back to training when we arrived back in Ohio. 

Vacation was a blast!

These two turned TWO YEARS OLD!!

Since then my training has looked like this. 

July 11-17 
80 miles total 
Workout 1- 4x2 miles in 91 degrees averaging around 6:20 pace
Workout 2- 10 miles medium averaging 6:49
Long run - 20 miles

July 18-24  
85 miles total
Workout 1- 9 miles tempo averaging 6:15 in much better conditions than a week prior. 
Workout 2- 19 miles total with 10x1 mile repeats around 5:55 on 90 seconds recovery. 
Long run 15 miles of Mohican trails

July 25-31  
77  miles total
I was at XC camp and the lack of sleep really was a hit to my weekly miles, but it was awesome, hilly and a bunch of fun!
Workout/Long run combo for this week- 20 miles with miles 7-18 alternating 6:00/6:30 pace and averaging 6:13 pace. I felt good until the cool down, and then I was beat! 

In August I hope to see quite a few more miles, and I am planning to run the Goodyear Half Marathon on August 13th in Akron Ohio.  It is the second race in the Rubber City Race Series. 
I am excited to test out where things are but plan to race on tired legs that week, coming off my highest weekly mileage of the year, which should be right around 100 miles. 

We are 8 weeks out from the Akron Marathon on September 24th, and I love challenging myself though my training to see how fit I can get to tackle the course on race day! 

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