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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Set Backs aren't always a step BACK.

My training has been coming along very nicely. I have had some great workouts, probably the best I have really ever had. And aside from one tempo Nicole nor I could seem to hit, we were stringing things together pretty well and feeling decent doing it. I had my 30th birthday Aug 17th and decided to stay away from crazy nights until after Akron, so I wouldn't risk messing up training by a lack of sleep and simply not taking care of myself. So the following weekend when we went to Columbus for Carly (sister in law) and Kyle's (brother in law) wedding reception, I had on my Sober Sally pants and had a great time! It was fun seeing Carly and Kyle surrounded by the people who love them and seeing them enjoy it so much! We goofed off and laughed a lot with Ryan's family and all in all had a pretty low key yet fun night! Around 1 am and my 10th bottle of water later, I was ready for some sleep. In the middle of the night I woke up to a calf cramp. This is something I haven't experienced in 15 years! No big deal...but then I stood up in the morning. Something behind my knee was popping and not feeling too good with every step. I ran that evening and when I was done I knew one thing. This was a bigger problem than I had thought in the middle of the night!

So I took a day off, went to Ohio Sports Chiropractic, and slept as much as I could stand. My leg felt 100 percent fine on Tuesday. I had a solid track workout and believed it was over. Shew...then I woke up Wednesday morning. Needless to say it has been a battle since. I have spent time on my Elliptigo enjoying the valley and the wonderful weather we have been having (aside from the past 2 days) and wrapping my mind around being injured. I have been able to maintain some semblance of working out thanks again to Ohio Sports Chiropractic and the AlterG treadmill. But I know I have lost some fitness.

At first I was in a rather bad mood, but then I thought back to the injuries I have had in the past. How they have made me more excited for when I do get to run pain free, and more excited to race. It stinks not being able to train the way I expected but I honestly feel like I will come back stronger than before because of the set back.

My best example of coming back stronger is 2009. In January I had pretty bad achilles pain and 3 doctors and 3 months later I was still not able to run. Turns out that on a run I had cut my Achilles area because a zipper on my tights. A bacterial infection had embedded itself in my achilles and when I got a urinary tract infection the medicine took care of the bacteria in my Achilles...what a ridiculous injury! But during those 3 months I was on the elliptical as much as I could stand and 3 weeks after starting back to training I ran 17:05 for 5k (4 second PR), then 17:02, then 10:37 for 2 miles (my first time under 11:00), then a 1 min PR for 4 miles. 4 months later I ran my half marathon PR and 1 month after that I qualified to my 2nd Olympic Trials in the Marathon in a 3 minute PR.

So I am keeping my head up, working hard and praying for the passion I need to allow this "set back" to be a step forward!


  1. Sorry to hear about your recent setback. I'm currently on the shelf and not running due to some foot pain. After reading your comeback in 2009, it gives me hope I can make a full recovery and be back out there setting PRs in the future. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Im sorry to hear about yours as well! Keep your head up, work hard on cross training, and good luck!!