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Monday, October 1, 2012

Akron Marathon 2012

Race re-cap Akron Marathon 2012

Monday Ryan woke up sick, I cried, because it was too close to the race. Wednesday I woke up sick, I really cried because I was very scared it was too close. I spent the next 2 days doing ALL I could to get to the start line ready to race. Here is how the race went from my eyes!

1-5:51 (very downhill mile) I know this mile is very fast and I knew just let it happen and ran very in control.

2-6:27(12:18) Mostly uphill, but that seemed more like the splits I figured I would be seeing given feeling sick, and my current fitness.

3-6:13(18:32)This mile felt like 3 miles and I knew the race was going to be a challenge. I started to think I should run the half. I didnt allow myself to entertain that thought longer than the time it took to think it. I trained too hard to not try.

4-6:18 (24:50) I thought hey, if I can just chip away at it like this I can still win.

5-6:36 (31:26) Just keeping it as under control as I could.

6-6:17(37:44) Alright already in firestone park. I yelled at a gal who was running entirely too close to me, and informed her I was running the full to get off my ass. sorry gal, I was annoyed!!

7-6:43(44:27) alright brown street lets get back to campus.

8-6:23(50:50) still ok, just know it is going to be slower than last year.

9-6:29 (57:20) I told Ryan to be patient, It was going to take awhile today.

10-6:14 (1:03:34) saw mine and Ryan's families. Mom and Marty knew I wasnt feeling well because I didnt smile. I tried, like I said last week I have a pretty bad poker face! lol!

11-6:38 (1:10:13) I figured I would see Jennie this mile, but nope, time to head into the valley!

12-6:33 (1:16:47) Down Howard. I hate this mile!

13-6:33 (1:23:20) Half way! I CAN DO THIS!!

14-6:43 (1:30:04) I reminded myself that last year I was physically a mess by now, and today I was slower but I had things much more under control and that made me happy.

15-6:53 (1:36:58) umm, well, that was slow.

16-6:46 (1:43:45) Finally to sand run! This is my favorite part of the course the last 10 miles are home sweet home to me, and I just have to be tough. So I started to try and keep the miles working hard.

17-6:48 (1:50:34) Still doing fine, and feeling like I was working hard, and capable of holding the pace.

18-7:16 (1:57:50) I didnt even see the split for this mile. that was a good thing.

19-7:40 (2:05:30) big hill, and I knew this mile would be slow.

20-6:53 (2:12:24) My right hamstring was really starting to get cramp, but I knew I could keep running through it. I still had my left leg fine and I am getting so close.

21-6:55 (2:19:19) man this is getting so hard. All of this work, and I am really struggling at 7 min pace?!? NO BECKI, you have worked too hard to start getting into your own head, get your ass to the stadium! You are tough and you will be fine!

22-7:48 (2:27:08)Left hamstring cramped completely coming around the turn onto garmin. I tried not to cry. I didnt have a leg to use, and 4 miles just became a much bigger obsticle than I could wrap my mind around. Shanna ran past, and I tried to run with her. My hamstrings were cramping every step, and NOT letting up. I think I was hobbling more than running at this point.

23-7:17 (2:34:35)Really slowing down, and really pushing for every step.

24-8:28 (2:42:54) FINALLY to Angel Falls, many many walking breaks, to try to get my hamstings to let up. It was to no avail. They were not letting up. I was going to have to deal with the cards I was dealt!

25-8:00 (2:50:54) Same story as mile 24. Tony and Lizzie went by and that gave me a little smile because I knew they would both break 3 hours!

26-7:35 (2:58:29) I struggled down main street, and really felt a sense of relief being able to see Canal Park. I have NEVER been in this sort of helpless pain before. I tried to push enough to break 3 hours, and like all of my goals aside from finishing on this day, I couldnt do it.

.2- 1:31 (3:00:02)

Finally done. I did what I could to keep myself under control. I didnt want to show my dissapointment, but I dont think I did a very good job. I loved getting to see some friends achieve their goals, but it was extremely challenging to know for 23 miles that mine were not realistic on this day. I was so proud to finish this race. I trained pretty hard, and couldnt believe this was what it came down to! I am sad I wasnt able to show off my fitness, and thank the city I love so much. But I learned I can dig deeper than I ever believed I could. it will be a long time until I am ready to race agian, but I am hopeful I will be back, stronger than ever!
Thank you all so much for your support! I am excited for a little mental and physical break!


  1. Becki I am a runner in Columbus originally from the Dayton area and I have followed some of your running story. I hope you know that you are an inspiration to many people, including people like me that you have never met. I will be running my 10th half marathon in Dayton in a couple weeks, and just registered for my very first marathon in the spring. You are not just a phenomenal runner, but you seem like such a kind-hearted person as well. I can't wait to see what you can do next.


  2. It's got to be amazing to be an elite runner who can break three hours. I know you were disappointed, but you did incredible under the circumstances. It's a good thing you hung on. If you had slowed down too much, you would have been subject to the "so bad that they were funny" blonde/brunette jokes of the 4:10 pacer, this hilarious guy from Australia. I put up with the jokes (while silently chuckling and groaning) before taking off on Sand Run at Mile 18 and finishing 5 minutes ahead of the group. Congratulations! Good luck in future races!

  3. Thanks Robert! Akron is a great race and sounds like you ran tough! Keep it up and good luck in your upcoming races!