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Monday, August 13, 2012

This week "STINKS"

This week started off on the wrong foot! I woke up sick on Saturday which lead Sunday and Monday feeling completely drained. I ran a total of 11 miles between the 2 days. Lots of rest was pretty much all I chose to do between work. I even made the comment "this week stinks" and had to retract the statement because I realized it was only Monday and I shouldn't go writing off the week just yet!! haha!

I was able to muster up a 14 mile progression run by mid week, and I felt like my normal self in time to have fun with my Hood To Coast team by Thursday! We got in a run together and hungout at the Winking Lizard in Peninsula. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet a few new ones. I was pretty excited for the race, but now I am STOKED!!

The end of the week saw a lot of me putting in miles on my legs, and I was lucky to have a lot of people break it up for me! I ran with Ryan for 6 of my 10 mile repeats on Friday morning. Then Ann, Krystn, Tony, and Chris for my afternoon run. Finally I got to run from 3.5-26.1 with Tony on Saturday morning! I hit my highest 24 hour mileage-47 miles in 23 hours from Friday-Saturday morning! 3 decent workouts and 105 miles rounded out my "stinky" week! haha! That shows how much patience I have!

I am feeling healthy, and excited about where my training is. I haven't ever been this consistent in training, and I am having some of my best running since 2009! I am still being careful to stay healthy, and looking forward to one more higher week followed by a down week, which ends with Hood To Coast!

Lots of work to do, and 7 weeks to do it in! The Akron Marathon will be here before we know it, so lace up and get those long runs in!! 7 weeks to go...

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