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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exciting Things!

Some things in my life have been seeming very exciting lately, so I will share!

I have been running right around 80 miles a week with increasing voulme and intesity of workouts over the past month. It has been a lot of fun to get to do some fast running with Ann, and to feel some quick turnover again.

I have been working with my sports psychologist, Shaun Goodsell, and in only one week I feel like I am making progress to becoming a more mentally tough athlete. Shaun pointed out the root of my seemingly never ending anxiety. Everyday I experience it whether it be having to do a workout with someone, cleaning my house, or simply getting a couple things done at one time, I freak out a little inside, and often it is visible to those around me. I have wondered for over a year now why I feel this internal angst when working out with Ann in particular. She is really the only person I do workouts with, so I am sure it would go beyond her. I know she is a great athlete, but honestly I've never felt like I just can't run with her. However we would get into workout after workout, and I would panic and fall apart, feeling helpless. After talking with Shaun I felt a sense of relief. He told me that according to what he knew about me, the anxiety I experienced was due to a need for control over everything I do. It was like a nagging injury, it eats away at you until you finally find out what it is. You can be told you have a broken leg, and somehow you feel better just knowing why you are in pain.
Saturday Ann and I did probably the toughest workout we ever have together, and I felt a sense of calmness for the first time that I can remember. It was AWESOME!! We BOTH had great workouts, and I loved feeling freedom from the anxiety!

Shaun and I talk via email, txt or phone everyday, and then once a week we skype for about an hour. He is located in Minnesota, so that is the best way. His website is I am very excited to see the ways he can help me to become not only a better athlete, but person!

We have changed things a bit looking to Jan 28th. I will be running the 3k not the mile, and I am pleased with that. I feel like my fitness is coming along, and I am more motivated to chase a good time in the 3k than the mile for whatever reason. I doubt I would make the invite section of the mile, so the 3k was the better option.
I am excited to wear my new sponsor's jersey, and represent a company that is as awesome, and helpful as Oiselle! You can check out their stuff at they will be launching the Spring 2011 line on February 1st and IT IS AMAZING!!

So those are the exciting things in my life that I have to share! Also, January is 1/2 over which means we are closer to longer days, and more mild weather (fist pump)!!

Keep plugging away, and believing this is going to be an awesome year!!



  1. Great post Becki! You will have an awesome year!

  2. Beckers! I didn't know you had a blog! I'm excited to keep reading it. I just started mine last week here:

    You made it into a post!