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Saturday, November 13, 2010

NCAA Regional Coaches Meeting

Last night we had a coaches meet for the Great Lakes Regional Meet.
They fed us some yummy chicken, salad, pasta, cheese, olives, and cake. I opted out of the cake and pasta, but it was plenty of food, and good conversation.
I looked around the room, and man did I feel small! The room was a host of respectable coaches and former athletes. Lee Labadie, now the coach of the Akron Zips men's team, and two of his former athletes Coach Croghan (Kent State), and Coach Gary (Ohio State), both Olympic Steeplechasers, my former Coach Scott Jones, and the Coach of the Miami Red Hawks 2 time All-American (mile, 3k), and 2 time Olympic Trials 1500m qualifier, Kelly Phillips, comprised the table I sat at alone!!
It was fun to be a part of what I always wondered the meetings Coach Jones would have to go to were about.
The meeting itself was rather boring, and aside from the stuff about working to keep our sport what it is, and how we can become/need to be involved with that pretty mundane, and obvious. But being in a room full of people I have looked up to and respected for years, we could have been talking about bowling, and I would have appreciated it!
Meeting=waste of 2 hours of my life. Being in that room=priceless!

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