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Thursday, May 1, 2014

On to the 3rd Trimester. Recap of Month 6 of Pregnancy!

Im back with a blog post, and baby bump update!  Things have become a little more challenging since I last posted. Actually I really didn't have much good to say and I didn't want this blog to be my never-ending complaint.  This pregnancy has been far from difficult to this point, so I really should not complain.  I have two little ones in there that are about 15 inches long and weigh nearly 2 and 1/4 pounds at this point!  They are getting huge and so is my belly!  haha!  I have put on 20 pounds and my belly is 38 inches around these days! The little ones have functioning lungs and if they were born at this point would have a great chance of making it!  That makes me breathe a little easier! Don't be fooled, breathing is far from easy right now!
Week 26
Week 27
Week 28

Last week I went to the dr. office to take my 1 hour blood glucose test. After a week without hearing from them, I thought I had passed.  But 7 days later they called to say the levels were elevated and I had to do the 3 hour test.  I went on Wednesday to take the 3 hour test and about 20 mins after drinking the 100 gram sugar syrup I felt sick.  I started sweating, felling like I was going to pass out and throw up.  I spoke up and asked for help afraid this may be a bad side effect.  They gave me a place to lay down between blood draws.  I received a call this morning from the Dr. office and I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  For now that really means that I have to watch what I eat and cut out complex carbs, sweets, and keep up my protein and vegetables! Gestational Diabetes is not a lack of insulin production.  It is due to a pregnancy hormone that inhibits the use of insulin to break down sugars normally.  So it is significantly more common in pregnancies with multiples because there are more hormones.  I was bummed out about it at first, but then realized that this was something I could handle and not worth being upset over.  If I can control it with diet, no insulin injections will be needed so I will do my best!

I have had some great things happen in the past 2 weeks! I was thrown 2 ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL showers thanks to friends and family!  The generosity is completely overwhelming!  We went to Columbus and spent time with Ryan's family to celebrate the soon to be here twins.   This shower was complete with an abundance of laughter, amazing gifts, and twin fruit babies!  Thank you so much Mom Spell, Carly, and Kelsey for throwing us such a thoughtful shower!  I can't wait to give some back to Kelsey this summer while celebrating her wedding, and this fall to Carly, while celebrating her bun in the oven!

Twin Fruit Babies!

Mom came to Columbus to Celebrate With Us!
Then last week the group of ladies I run with had a shower for me and pitched in to get us the double BOB jogging stroller we wanted.  I was overwhelmed once again by the generosity!  They prepared a Mexican style lunch for me and it was great!  I loved getting to spend some time with them!  Thank you so much ladies!  
At the Shower with my incredible hosts, Heidi and Nicole!

Aubrey and I at the shower.

CED/NEO Ladies Celebrating!
Finally last weekend ended with a bit of a sad/exciting tone to it as we had a going away party for someone I love very much.  Nicole is heading to Boulder in a couple weeks to pursue getting even faster and to live a life very much involved around running!  She is joining Hudson's Training group out there, and we will miss her dearly here.  We met at Bottle House Brewery in Cleveland Heights, and enjoyed some food, drinks (don't worry, just water for me), laughter, and pinball to send Nicole off with a smile!  We love you Nicole and I can not wait to visit Boulder!

I Love You Nicole!
Looking back, even if I am uncomfortable and have to tip toe around my food decisions, I have to say I am still the luckies girl on earth!  I am glad to be in the 3rd trimester and on my way to having to deal with raising some kids!

Check back Sunday for the babies names and genders!  We can't wait to tell everyone!

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  1. I already guessed the names, Freddy and Lance.