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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Update. Week 24 Is Done!

Another week has passed by quickly!  So hard to believe! Week 24 is now behind us!  The kids are really starting to take up space and from all that I read are pretty much little people at this point.  They just need to get those lungs working and fatten up before they are ready to take in some oxygen and start drinking their way through everyday!

The babies are each about 13.5 inches long and weigh about 1.5 lbs.   That is 3 pounds and 27 inches of baby shoved into a pretty snug little area.  While I feel huge, I know it has only just begun! I have a little bit of anxiety about how much stretching my stomach can take and about ending up with postpartum diastasis (torn abdominal muscles), but I am trying not to let myself worry about the 40 million things I can not control.
growing every week

Peg hanging out with the little ones.
My stomach is now just shy of 37 inches around, and I am weighing in 17.6 lbs over pre pregnancy weight!

The wee ones are active all of the time now, and you can see a foot, knee, or arm scrape across my upper right abdomen pretty much anytime you'd like.  Ry says its kinda creepy.  It is pretty weird, but I am used to it enough by now that I don't think too much about it.  I have cut WAY back on my work schedule, but I am still enjoying some time away from the house.  The great weather we have been having has allowed me to get out for some walks and enjoy something very rare in North East Ohio...SUNSHINE!! haha!  Peg likes to go with me for my walks and it is nice to have a little companion.  While she is a mini little curly haired angel, she still is no substitute for Nicole!  haha!! I miss running with the ladies, but I have been abel to catch up with a few of them over post run brunch, and I get to see Nicole tomorrow!  woo hoo to nice enough weather for me to bike alongside the ladies!

My mini, curly haired little angels!

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