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Friday, April 4, 2014

Week 24 Full Steam Ahead!

I think I have finally forgotten how much pain I was in on Sept 29th 2012. This is the date of my last marathon right here in Akron!  My slowest, most painful marathon to date! 3:00:02 while sick and quite injured.  I never thought I'd forget the pain enough to want to run another one!  However, today I found myself wishing I was going for a long run in the beautiful 50 degree misty morning we had here in Akron today.  I want to feel exhausted from really pushing my body, not from walking into the next room! haha! 
I miss the feeling of elated exhaustion after a tough workout, a long run, or a race.  Is it September yet?!?  It is hard to believe I haven't run in nearly 4 months.  This is the longest break I have had since I started running at 12 years old.  18 years later I still love the sound of pitter patter on the streets or trails, and there are few things better than feeling tired from a step forward in training or a new PR in a race. 

This is the feeling I want.
This is the feeling I have.  HAHA!
Dog tired.
Things have been well over the past week, and I can say, the weeks keep passing by relatively quick (can I get a hallelujah)!  I have gained 16.4 lbs  and I am up to 36.5 inches around at my belly button. I find it a challenge to breathe when I eat, and I have been having more and more days where I simply feel uncomfortable.  All in all I am still hanging in there and wishing away this time more than I should! haha!  I try to embrace it, but I'm not great at it.  We have our first of 3, yes that is correct 3, baby showers next week and I look forward to seeing family and friends and celebrating our soon to be double sized Spellman family.  I haven't felt sick in awhile now, so that is something to really celebrate!  Our sweet little angels have a birth survival rate at this week of 59 % so that's a nice little jump from the 37% they had only a week ago! 

Reverse turtle shell at the end of 23 weeks.
On to week 24! 

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