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Monday, May 19, 2014

30 weeks done!

Nolan and Corra's due date is finally feeling like it is getting close!  I can hardly wait to meet them!  
Ryan and I have everything pretty much in place.  We have done some little fix ups around the house to feel more settled and ready for our kidos to come home for the first time! 

Things have been pretty tough for me. My gestational diabetes is a bit out of control, and so in order to keep my blood sugar levels stable I was only able to eat a little over 1000 calories a day.  My Dr. told me this past week to eat more like 1500-2000 calories, and to see where the blood sugar levels fall.  I struggle with doing this because I know having high levels of sugar in my blood hurt Nolan and Corra.  I am doing the best I can and trying not to feel frustrated, and worried.  I go back to the Dr. with the new data on Wednesday and we will see from there where things go.
Since my last post I have lost 5 lbs and I am up to 17 lbs over my pre pregnancy weight.  My big ol belly keeps growing and is now 38.5 inches around at my belly button.  As of last week I was measuring 38 weeks in fundal height, which is based off of only one baby not two.  So if I were having only one kid I would be very close to popping! All of you moms out there know I feel big, heavy and quite achy.  Aside from the gestational diabetes I have some nerve pain that shoots up my back and down my left arm.  Not really too bad though, I know it is only temporary and I thank God it isn't down my legs!  

I try not to complain, but I have been quite irritable lately.  I really miss feeling good, and it is pretty hard for me to feel tired, and in pain daily.  Luckily I have been getting outside and getting in a walk almost everyday, which keeps me feeling like I am doing something.  The babies are about 3 pounds each now, and I feel them moving constantly.  It is mind easing to know they are moving in there and growing.  When I get frustrated with not running, dealing with gestational diabetes, the constant aches, and PUPPS(an itchy rash thought to be caused my pregnancy hormones) I remind myself how lucky I am to not be on bed rest, and to have 2 little ones still growing! 

As the time grows closer to me being able to run again, I have been trying to wrap my mind around getting back to running and what it will look like.  I feel that I am in for a rude awakening when I realize just how out of shape I am!  haha!  It will be a fun process to see what starting over entails! Nolan and Corra have about 6 more weeks until its go time unless they decide otherwise earlier.  I was born this week in my mom's pregnancy and that gives me some more peace of mind.  
On to week 31 we go!  Im getting eager to meet the little ones! 

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