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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 12

I started feeling better about half way through week 11!  I was quite nervous the first day that I felt good.  I kept waiting on the nauseous feeling to hit, and with every passing hour tried to just enjoy a good day! But then 1 day turned into 5 and I couldn't be happier.  I still feel quite tired and have had some headaches and blah feeling nights but, I am finally able to run semi normal and that makes me happy!! 30 miles a week is fine with me if that's all I can handle but 10-15 is just saddening! 

Week 12 training looked like this.

Monday- 4 miles nice and easy around the neighborhood with 1 pee stop...These are not real stops, you see with every step I feel like I need to pee, but the reality is,  it is just pressure.  I stop mostly because I mentally can't handle the feeling anymore and it keeps me going.  Haha if that makes sense.  So I am doing some sort of awkward 7:30 pace interval training! Lol. 

Tuesday- 2.5 miles warm up, 5:20 pace helping some CED ladies on their mile time trial.  Then 2x800@2:45 (3 min rest), 2x300@55-56 (2 min rest), 4x200@ 37ish (200jog rest). 1.5 miles cool down. Got in 9 on the day.  Actually felt great and running faster keeps me from feeling like I need to pee so that is wonderful!  haha! Enjoyed the workout and I was really proud of my teammates miles. 
Aubs ran 5:05...a lifetime PR!!  Keslo ran 5:19- Def the fastest mile she has run since I have know her.  Meredith was 5:30 a solid start for someone who is coming back from a stress fracture this fall, and Marissa and Mel were both under 6:00. So a good day!  
CED at the track on Tuesday. Happy Birthday Aubs (2nd from left)!!

Wed- off I KNOW I HAVE TO RUN IN THE AM! But I didn't thinking I would feel fine and I felt rough after work. So I chilled out and Ry and I watched a movie. I'm hopeful I'll feel better in the morning to get in some miles. 

Thursday- 10am JM circuit. Woah I'm super tired today every movement was a challenge! Who am I?!?  Short Very light 4 miles. When I am this tired, no need to make it worse. Enjoyed the run, and hopeful the rest of the week I feel good enough for a few more miles.

Friday-Not feeling well, JM circuit after work.  Still tired today.  I am hopeful I will feel like running/working out more soon.  

Saturday-4 miles with some good folks from seconds sole.  Not running much this week, but hoping to slowly run more as the weather gets better. For now 4 is about all I can take with the need to pee. lol! Allowing this to be a full mental break and really get in some base with only one workout a week. hoping for 5-6 miles a day next week! 

Sunday- 4 miles with Ry and 1k of it with Pegasus!  It was her first run, and it really tired her out. It was a good run for me!  Excited to get in a little more tomorrow.  Baby steps after 10 weeks down! 

Sunday was the best day of the week! I was able to watch the USA 1/2 marathon champs.  I was excited to see how Nicole, and Jenna would do!  They happened to end up being roommates and I woke up to a beautiful pic showing me! 
Love these gals!
So I eagerly watched the live feed at the finish line. I was thrilled to see them both run solid races, despite some set backs this fall.  Nicole ran her second fastest half ever 1:15:27, and Jenna ran great to start off 2014 on the right foot 1:16:13.  After a quick txt and Facebook post to congratulate them, I was GLUED to my computer waiting on 5k splits for another lovely lady.  I coach a gal named Crystal from the Houston area.  She was tackling her first marathon as a mom, and I knew she was ready for a big PR! 
She ran her 3rd fastest half marathon ever on her way through the 1/2, and I was pretty excited.  I saw she was struggling a bit around 30k-40k but she rallied and ran tough to a 12 MINUTE PR  of 3:40:31!! 

It was so exciting to watch everyone have such a great day!  I am one proud friend and coach right now!  Watching the race also made me excited to get back to running more hopefully soon, but more so in August/September to really get back to training!  I want to run a fast time too!  Watching all of these ladies kick ass just makes me one HUNGRY runner!  For now, I wait, and thank you ladies for keeping the fire burning!  

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  1. So much positivity in this post and glad to see you are running so well while pregnant. Keep it up!