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Thursday, January 23, 2014

looking for coaching? I might be able to help!

Well as I grow into a huge image of my former self, I know I will be spending a little more time on my couch.  So I think it is a good time to talk about coaching.  As most of you know I have coached for awhile.  I was the coach at Wright State University, where my athletes ran over 190 PR's in 2 years, and we placed the highest Wright State has ever finished as a team in our conference both on the men's and women's sides.  I LOVE coaching, and if I could have coached college forever, I more than likely would have.  The reason I left Wright State was due to divorce, and a choice to relocate to an area where my family and friends were close here in North East Ohio!  I have coached myself to 2 Olympic Trials Marathons as well.

I have since coached a number of athletes, most currently Ryan (My husband) from 3 years off to 2:30 in his first marathon, and a 31 year old mom from 3:52 in the marathon to 3:40 (I have been working with her since November).  While the marathon is my forte, I love to coach anything from 5k right on up to 50k.  Past 50k and I am not your lady!  I typically charge 75$ a month for unlimited email access to me, and weekly training advice.  Including each day what run, rest, or cross training to do.  Advice on core building, race day planning, nutrition, and the mental side of becoming a better athlete.  If you or someone you know is interested in having me work with you please contact me via email at  I would love to help!  If you can not afford $75 a month ask and I will do my best to negotiate a price that will work for you!


  1. Can you be my coach again/still? I want to get my fat ass off the couch, and I think most my injury issues are behind me now. Can you take me from 8lbs over racing weight to my dreams becoming reality?

  2. I am your coach still! Just letting you get healthy first! Your fastest days are ahead of you Jesse!!