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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1 Thing, 2 Thing. Red thing Blue thing?!

Today was our first ultrasound to see our little one.  Ryan and I were both pretty excited for our first glimpse of the little one we so lovingly call "it".  I was glad Ry was able to take the morning off and come with me.  Jessica the ultrasound tech took us back and started the ultrasound.  The first thing she said was, "so what do you see?" I thought to myself, "Oh boy, this is going to be a long appointment if she asks us to point out each body part separately".  Then, I saw what she was talking about...
Thing 1 and Thing 2

We're having twins!  

I immediately thought of Connie Gardner telling me that I was an efficient person and I would have twins and have it over with.  I had actually told Ryan a number of times that I thought she might be right with how sick I have been.  But, over the past week having only gained 2.5-3 lbs in 13 weeks I figured I was wrong.  I felt justified in that I'm not the biggest wuss in the world!  I really was feeling quite sick!  

Now we have lots to think about!  We have to make some more room for the little ones, bunk beds will have to be fought over, and names...we only thought of one boy option and one girl!  Haha!  

This is easily the most excited I have been about the pregnancy!  I have told Ry since about 8 weeks, no go on doing this twice.  So we were going to have to settle on one kid-o, but now I won't have to feel guilt for only being willing to do this once! 


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  2. Thanks for your encouragement! I appreciate it and I hope it all goes smoothly as well!!
    Best wishes to you too!!