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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Training Week of Feb 23-March 1

This week saw the most mileage I have hit in a VERY long time!  75 miles on the week and looking forward to more next!  Tuesday and Thursday I did my first 2 doubles in about 3 years!! I am excited to really be back to training and, dare I say it, FEELING HEALTHY!  

Tuesday was a track workout of 3200, 1600, 2x800, 1600-  It started well 11:23 feeling super easy and even calmed it down the last 1000 to make sure I didn't do anything stupid. 1600- 5:40 awkwardly this felt much harder than the 3200, 800's were 2:46, and 2:47, then...1600 went out and struggled through in 90 seconds and that concluded the workout. - not a stellar workout, but better than what I could have handled a month ago.  

Friday was the longest tempo I have done since prior to getting pregnant!  9 miles with the goal of 6:18 pace.  56:32 -6:16 average. I reminded myself each mile that "I am smart, I am strong" and felt great after the first 2 miles.  I was really in a groove, and felt very fluid. 

Sunday- long run.  I had anticipated the weather, and planned to meet up with the gals at 8 and beat it. But when I woke up at 6 and took Pegasus out we had 4 inches of fresh snow, and it was coming down quick. Lizzie and I talked and decided the roads were too bad to drive to Chagrin. Turned out were were right, the roads were not good. So we hit up the treadmills...dunn, dunn, dunn 2:04 later I was 17 miles DONE and despite not enjoying being on the treadmill happy to have it in!  

The kids spend the weekend with Mimi, and gave Ry and I time to rest, and clean up around the house!  It was a nice relaxing weekend!  Thank you mom!  The kids are getting big quick and turned 8 months old!  
Last year I was 20 weeks pregnant and not running!

Now I am back to running and have these adorable little nuggets to love!

I have 9 weeks to USA 25k Championships, and 15 weeks until Grandma's Marathon!  So bring on the training!!

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