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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ready, Set, Blog!

It has been a long time since I have had the chance to post!  Being a mommy of two wee babes is TIME CONSUMING!  The kids are growing well and healthy! I am working on getting back into shape after a 7 week lay off due to a back injury.  Things are coming along...slowly.  I raced this weekend running 5k in 17:43.  5 weeks ago following a workout one of my teammates guessed I would run 18:20 and I said F&*% you! I will run 17:40ish!  But in my heart I hoped I was wrong, I hoped that I was in 17:20 shape.  So I went out in 5:30 and wished in one hand...and came out with 17:43 in the other. My teammates ran 3 PR's so it was exciting none the less.  Kelsi won in 16:56, a 32 second PR!  Ellison was second in 16:58, not sure how much of a PR I think 6 seconds, and Beth was 3rd in 17:04 a 5 second PR!

As all things go, there was no time for dwelling. It was what it was, and now it is time to train for bigger, more important things!  I am getting ready for Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago, were I hope to run sub 28:30 (same pace as the 5k I ran this past weekend), and then it is off to USA 25k Championships in May, followed by Grandma's Marathon in June.  Grandma's is the main goal.  I am hoping to race under 2:43 and punch my ticket to the Olympic Trials in Los Angeles. I have a lot of work to do! 

So along with training a lot of dreaming is being done, and I am excited to go after my 3rd Olympic Trials!  My mantra going into the upcoming season is "I am strong, I am smart".  I have to race smart, but remember all the things that have lead to this point! Sadly much of my training is done via treadmill as the roads here have been impossible (4-6 inches of ice), and the kids make it hard to get my training in during daylight in the winter!
Just happy to have a place to get workouts in!

I plan to start updating my blog again at least once every other week, and keep every updated on how training/racing/motherhood is going. 



These little ones are happy and enjoying life here at casa del Spellman! They are both growing quick!  Nolan can crawl and climb on EVERYTHING, and Corra is content to be picked up, but tries to crawl and just gets mad that she can't!  She planks A LOT in an attempt to crawl. 

Better at planks than mommy! 

Nolan is on the move! 

Keep posted for training update coming at the beginning of next week! Saturday marks 16 weeks to Grandma's Marathon.


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  2. Love this post, your adorable kiddos, your positive attitude and optimism, and YOU! You got this Becks! xoxo

  3. Thank you KG! Miss you and love you too! Let me know when you are in town next!