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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Welcome to week 33

Week 33 is here, and I am excited to be another week closer to having Nolan and Corra with us!  Our ultrasound showed us 2 heathy babies!  Corra is out weighing Nolan by 4 ounces and if she keeps that up we will have to have a C section.  She is weighing in at 4 lbs 2 oz, and still breech. He is 3 lbs 14 oz. and ready to go! That puts Corra right at the 50th percentile and Nolan at the 25th.  Prior to today they have been measuring in the 90th percentile so the Dr. is concerned that I may not be able to give them space to grow too much longer.  I am hoping to make it at least 2 more weeks but ready to beg to have them out in 4!  haha!  Nolan was dancing around in there for a good live showing, while Corra was her calm little self.   My stomach is right around 39.5 inches around at the belly button, and my uterus is at 40 weeks in fundal height. That measurement standard is for 1 baby.  So I have 8 lbs and 36 inches of baby in my stomach!  That is a lot of space occupied.  Im up 19 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight.  While sleep has been hard to come by, and my stomach and pelvis are achy,  I am happy they are both healthy and growing!  
week 32
Ryan and I were excited to celebrate our 1 year anniversary this past weekend!  We had Kelsey's bridal shower in the early part of the day and it was a lot of fun!  She looked stunning and we are so excited to watch her become Mrs. Nelson in less than 3 months!  
Celebrating Kelsey!!
Later in the evening we celebrated at Michael and Cara's wedding.  It was a beautiful venue and we had a ton of fun with friends. 
Happy 1 year Ry!!
I only have one dress that fits so I hope you all enjoy the green and white tie dye look! haha!  I was super tired the next day so we spent a lazy day together!  

Who would have thought only a year later we would be expecting not only our first kid, but also our second!  I remind Nolan and Corra that as soon as they are ready to breathe on their own, we are ready for them to be here!  So until then it is baby updates and dreams of running again! Week 33 here we go!

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