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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Meet Pegasus! Our New Puppy!

I LOVE DOGS!!  Ryan and I have been looking at puppies, rescue dogs, big, small short hair, and mostly skinny dogs for quite awhile now.  He isn't gaga over them, but I sure am. I used to have a couple Italian Greyhounds that I absolutely adored.  But I've been empty nesting it, dog less for about 3 years now. So last week we took the plunge and got a sweet lil Westiepoo named Pegasus.  I had chosen her name a few hours prior to picking her up and decided to name her after my 2nd favorite running shoe, the Nike Pegasus.  We picked her and a few things up last Wednesday, including her papers, and much to my delight her fathers name…Nike! I freaked out and yelled across the pet store to Ry.  The lady helping me looked at me like I was crazy, so I explained my excitement.  She just smiled.  I love coincidences so I was pumped. 

At first I had a lot of anxiety over house training and crate training her.  Like the kind that made me feel guilty for leaving the house.  Then during my tempo last Friday, I thought about the things I have given up for running.  The reality is I want to be a good runner, and if this lil angel face pup was going to stress me out so much that I can't live normally.  I wouldn't be able to keep her. So while running my tempo, I told myself if I was too stressed out to do it.  She would have to go.  GOOD NEWS!!! I rocked the tempo and came home to a clean crate with a resting puppy in it!  She has only had one accident in her crate since in the past 4 days and has taken a liking to being an awesome lil gal to train.  While it tests my patience to have to watch and care for something all of the time, it is good for me, and I am actually enjoying it.  Ryan is fantastic with her, and I think he secretly loves her more than he says he does.  Ill make him a dog guy yet! haha!!  

My training is going well and I am only a few days away from racing at the Perry Rotary Turkey Trot!  I can't wait to test my fitness level!  Last week at the track I had a pretty good session of 8x 1k repeats.  They felt hard from the first one, and never really felt settled, but I knew they were making me stronger for the upcoming track season and ultimately for the marathon I choose to run next year!  I was struggling on #7 but managed to only be 1 second off.  Finally on the last one, I knew it would take care of itself.  But for probably the first time I can remember, I was running as hard as I could and the last one didn't!  I was 6 seconds slow!  I really can not remember an interval workout where I couldn't hit the last interval, after making it through the rest of the workout prior.  It was a little weird.  I just looked at Glenn, shrugged, and said "well I guess I only had 7 in me" haha!  As expected the next 2 days I was tired, and kept the runs pretty easy.  Felt great on Friday once I got moving and ran a solid 8 mile tempo starting at 6:15 and cutting down to 5:34.  

I can't wait to get to the starting line on thursday and more excitingly to the start lines of 1 mile and 3k at an indoor meet at Kent Dec. 7th!  I am excited for a couple of races and then to get back to training for 5 weeks prior to my first track 5k of 2014!! 

Sleeping Beauty

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