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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finally seeing a little fitness!

As the weeks progress since my injury in late August, I am FINALLY starting to feel like my old self!  I had a little Achilles flare up, but only because it was cold out.  After a little TLC and a massage, it is feeling a lot better!  For a few weeks I felt pretty terrible.  My easy runs were fine, but my workouts felt like I was in way over my head.  The times my watch was showing me lead me to a bit of a panic during intervals and I was worried I would be in this awkward sorta fit, but not ready to race phase for longer than I had hoped. But last week's tempo showed up and proved me wrong!  I was able to average under 6:00 pace feeling in control and comfortable!  I was surprised and excited.  My long run went as planned and aside from my achilles being a bit tender was fun and uneventful!

Tuesday track workouts have been a struggle during longer intervals, and running much under 5:35 pace was quite a challenge, so when I saw the workout on Tuesday night, I was a little nervous! 1600@ 5:35, 4x400@80, 1600@5:30, 4x400@80, and 1600@5:25.  But as the workout went I felt great and for the first time in over a month in control of the paces I was asked to hit. Jess and I were even a bit quick for all of them!  It was awesome to feel like things are going back in the right direction!

I plan to race a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning in Canton, and then it's to the track for a mile and 3k on Dec. 7th!  I am getting excited to see what sort of shape we are really in with some racing!
Relaxing with some pups while visiting Ry's family this weekend.

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