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Thursday, October 17, 2013

It is Ryan's turn!

As many of you know or have gathered from this blog, I was once a D1 college coach and I can say I fully loved that job! Being a part of someone's life like you get the chance to be as a coach is a true privilege!  At Wright State I watched my athletes do things they didn't think they could and grow not only as runners but as people. Being a part of that program really fostered my love for coaching.   Since that time I have helped quite a few people get to the starting line of their goal races more prepared and ready to go than they otherwise would have been.  Each one of those people allowed me a unique opportunity to be a part of their lives and I love every second of it!
My awesome Gals team at WSU
Since I love coaching, I jumped on the "you should race a marathon" train as soon as my husband showed some interest in racing again.  Over the past 6 months I have watched him surprise people with just how great a runner he really is.  He works hard, ALWAYS stays calm, and can execute a race plan like no one's business!  He is one tough cookie.  I have seen him crush workouts, and struggle through some.  But he always did what I asked to the best of his ability on that day.  He never let a great day get him too high or a bad day get him too low.  It was a good learning experience for me and something I hope to emulate in my own training and racing.

This weekend we get to head to Columbus OH. for Ryan's first marathon.  He is as ready to go as he can be and I am extremely excited to spectate, take splits, holler out some encouragement, and watch him be tough!  I may have learned more watching him train in the past 6 months than I have learned from my own training.  I am already very proud of him! He hopes to break 2:30 and I have full faith he is ready to do it! If you are in Columbus this weekend cheer for him!

Ry running Akron Half 
So stay tuned to my twitter feed (@beckimichael9) for race day updates on how things are going!  I will also be posting update for Heidi Greenwood (check out here blog here) on her quest for a new PR in Columbus!
Good luck to every one in Columbus! I will be cheering!

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