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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Columbus 10k and Training Recap

Summer is starting to warm up, and I am finally feeling normal getting back to some more mileage and thinking about big races.

Training Recap

Two weeks ago, May 22-28, I was still feeling the struggle of getting back into things and the lag and general fatigue that follows.   The week went well with 70 miles covered including a 14 mile long run, a track session with 3200, 4x400, 1600, and 4x400 that I struggled to hit the times on but knew plugging away was the right answer, and a tempo that was very very hard of 3x3 miles.    I always hate weeks of 70 miles.  In general they are ramping up, or coming down weeks and they usually feel pretty bad. This week was no different. The struggle felt very real.

Last week May 29-June 4  I covered 72 miles feeling much better than the week prior. My track session was still somewhat a grind vs. a strong feeling session, but the intervals were shorter and I was running faster. The workout was 400, 1600, 2x1k, 4x300 and 4x100.   My long run/tempo were squished into one 16 miler on Sunday as a race.

Columbus 10k recap

Columbus 10k always puts on a great event.  Back in the years when it started late in the morning, and it was way too hot, it was still great.  The more recent 8 am start makes the event more fun and enjoyable for all of us!  Thank you Cbus10k and Hoka One One for a great event!   Race morning came and it was nice and cool out. Upper 60's and not too humid. Stark contrast to the days prior watching the state meet and my mind drifting every once in awhile to my own race, and hoping for a cooler morning.  The morning did not disappoint and we were given great running weather this time of year!  Warm up went by uneventfully and I chatted with Samantha Bluske prior to the start.  I wanted to go out around 5:40 and be able to work from there. I went out a little quick 5:29, and settled down a bit.  I tucked in with a group of guys around and was thankful to have people to work with.  I was leading the race, but not really sure where any of the women were. 5:40's for the next 2 miles felt good, and I was happy to be on goal pace and feeling no pain.  I was worried after the half in April that my achilles could be a problem, but nothing!  A Oiselle teammate and her family were around 3-3.5 miles cheering and making me smile!  Cowbell corner is always such a lift!
Happy to be racing healthy! I can't help but smile at a Cowbell Corner!

Sometime after the fourth mile things really started to get hard, and the wheels seemed to fall off pretty quick.  I was still trying to fight for it when Sam passed me.  I tried to go with her, but it was short lived. Sammie and Emma both passed shortly prior to the 5 mile marker.  I believe this was a place I made a big mistake.  I should have immediately gone with them and done all I could to not allow a gap to be created.  Instead I settled for a minute and I couldn't make up the ground I had given away.  I should know better than to let these things happen.  None the less the mistake was made.  I finished 4th in 35:47 my fastest 10k in 7 years (I had to look this one up, I race 10k maybe once a year)!  While I was irritated at my racing mistake, I feel very happy with where my fitness is, and where it is going!  A very good step forward this weekend, and a lesson remembered; yes, I have made this mistake before.  

I came away from the weekend, knowing my fitness is coming along, and I am closer than I have been in a very long time to seeing some big races soon! I have a long way to go to Columbus in 19 weeks.  I am feeling excited to tackle the coming months, and see what I am capable of!  I am looking forward to some upcoming races along the way.  On June 17th I will be in Duluth to race the Garry Bjorklund 1/2!  I look forward to testing myself in Duluth and over the coming months of marathon training!  Thank you all for the cheers along the way.  On the great days it lifts me up a little more, and on the tough ones it gives me the inspiration I need to keep chasing!

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