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Monday, August 26, 2013

NEO CED Ladies

Last November, after a 3rd year of struggling to race fast again, I happened into an incredible group of ladies. They have taught me a lot and helped me to reach goals I believed were no longer achievable for me. Ryan asked for a picture Blog so here it is Ry! Enjoy!

Jennie- One of the best friends a gal could ask for, she has been a staple over the last 10 years actually and I love seeing her move up in distance from the 800 to 5k and even a half marathon last year. She is FAST, and inspires me to try to find my sprinter side! Maria- She is a speedy little Zip, who has no filter and reminds me to laugh a lot at myself, and to remember that being a Zip is always something I am proud of!

This is after Johnny Cake 5 miler where we went 1 (Jess in the middle), 2 (me on the right), 3 (Nicole on the left) Jess- One TOUGH lady, boasting a 26:16 5 mile PR and still getting faster while being a mom! She has a great perspective, and training with her lately makes me hopeful I can be right up there with her next spring. Nicole- I mean, so much to say here, I have NEVER had a training partner like this. We never race in practice, always look out for one another, and have opposite, but complimentary strengths. These 2 ladies push me when were together, and get me out the door when it's just me and the roads.

"Girl Miles" only missing Heidi and Kaitlin here, up to the left of me is Lizzie- talk about regimented, Lizzie wakes up ready to better herself as an athlete and goes to bed dreaming about it. She was a sprinter in High School and I have no doubt will be an Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon in 2016. She has the work ethic, and she is always good for a hilarious story. To the right of me you have Aubrey, "Aubs", "Aubtastic", and the list goes on. Getting faster every time she races, and reminding me that life is extremely funny. She can make nearly anything a joke and do it all without cracking a smile. Fantastic ladies that make me proud to be a member of Cleveland Elite Development.

This is a picture of the 2nd Place team at the USATF National Club Championships 8k. We had a ton of fun and raced very well to get 3 ladies in the top 10!

Just one more Nicole/Becki pic. We love pink (Nicole more so than I). This was before our 2 mile track race in July.

Ry and I enjoying some time not in running clothes! This is a rare occurrence for us!


  1. LOL this made me laugh because while looking for pictures for my wedding I could barely find any where we weren't in running clothes. His name is also Ryan!

  2. Jessica,
    I know! They are few and far between.