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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Laying IT on the Line

Race day is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!! It is hard to believe we are only 6 days away from the gun going off, and racing through the streets of this incredible city.

My past 2 weeks have quickly passed with solid workouts, and decreasing mileage. I miss the tired feeling of running as close to "too much" as possible, but the shorter weeks only mean one thing! It is time to use take all of the long runs, workouts, and days that every step was a challenge and lay the cards out! My poker face isn't a very strong one, and I like it that way. When I am honest with those around me, I am more honest with myself. I trained very hard for this race. I did workouts I didn't think I could do, I ran long runs I didn't know I could finish, and I dealt with a great deal of aggony, and enjoyement along the way. This training cycle has had a few little bumps, but really nothing too much to talk about in the way of adversity. I have been pretty healthy, missed very few miles due to life rearing it's head, and all in all, I put my neck out there to get ready to run a solid race at on September 29th.
Based on that one might think, "well she has to be pretty confident and feeling ready to go then". Nope, I feel more nervous! Unlike a year ago, when I was going to the start line praying I had done enough, and that my legs would hold up for the pounding the race would ask of me, this year I am going to the start line knowing I did all I could, and hoping it translates over 26 miles! I put myself in a position with a lot to lose.
For anyone who has run the marathon distance, we know that soooo much can happen out there. A wrong step can lead to a cramp, a thought allowed to be entertained too long can lead to a crisis of confidence. Suddenly what you have trained countless miles to do, seems to be like finding a way to the top of a snow storm...for someone who has never even heard of a mountain! HAHA! All that is left now is to lay IT on the line, and that can be nerve wracking. "IT" is pride, poise, early morinings, a missed social life, 6 pairs of shoes, my boyfriends missed social life, awkward chafing, being too tired to cook, clean, eat, sleep or have normal conversation. "IT" is thousands of miles, running the course hundreds of times in your head, making your neighbors, friends, and family quesiton your sainity, and somedays even questioning it yourself. "IT" is who we become over the miles, because it changes us, makes us stronger, breaks us down, defeats us, and somehow makes us feel like we can take on the world. "IT" is what we hope to become.
I think all of these things make the marathon such a special event! I AM nervous, but I am more so excited! The chance to race is always such a great opportunity! So next Saturday I lay IT on the line with a smile on my face, because reguardless of the outcome, I know I did what I could this year. As the race becomes painful, and exhausting, I will remind myself of all I did just to get there, and know every step is worth IT!

Good luck to everyone racing next week! See you on the blue line!

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