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Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Blue Paint

This week FLEW by! I can hardly believe it has been a full week!

Sunday-Tuesday were easy recovery days following a hard 2 day stretch on friday and Saturday last week. By Wednesday I felt ready to go, and was able to get in 8 miles of tempo in a 14 mile run. My legs felt as good as they could running up Sand Run and I was happy with the effort. Thursday I was nice and tired again, but got in the miles I needed to keep my last high mileage week alive! We had a Hood To Coast gathering and it was nice to hangout with friends! Dave and Margaret were gracious in opening their home to a bunch of us silly folks. The past stories about the upcoming race really sent me home more excited to get our little adventure underway!

Friday I had intended to do a longer workout, but listened to what was right and did 10x1k over 15 miles instead. Then it was off to a wedding, while listening to my new HTC CD's Ann made for us! Haha this is really going to be a good time!

Finally to end the week I met with Tony down near the start line, and we ran the entire Akron Marathon course, complete with a full, and freshly painted BLUE LINE!! 26.4 miles 3 hours 19 minutes and 58 seconds later I had my week behind me. We saw A LOT of other runners out there this week, and every one of them made me smile. What a great sport we get to be part of!

I was able to get in 2 decent workouts, and 102 miles this week.

It is hard to believe we only have 6 weeks to go until we're on that blue line with racing flats on! Cheers to my 29th year (my birthday was Friday) and another week of training behind us all. I hope you are all embracing the aggony, because it's coming!

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