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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a weekend to lafreakingove!!

As a coach and friend of many athletes that competed this weekend I can say I truly had a great weekend.
The All-Ohio Championships were held on Friday and Saturday at The University Of Cincinnati. UC's is one of my favorite places to be. It was the location I first broke 17:00 for 5k, and I have actually never had a bad race on that track. My athletes have traditionally run fast there, and I know a lot of people who run and coach at the schools in the area, and LOVE getting to see friends.
In 2006 I was an All-Ohio Champ in the steeplechase and thus All-Ohio makes me think of the good ol' college days. This year Coach Jones was there, and it was so great to catch up, and get to see one of the people I respect most in terms of running.
The first race of my evening was the women's "slow" section of the 5k. Kesli a senior on my team started the evening off right with a win and a 44 second PR in 18:42! Followed quickly by Kristen's (who has been plagued with Achilles issues since XC season) season best of 19:58. I couldn't hold back the tears knowing Kesli had just done something had always hoped a sub 19:00 runner. The next race was a big one for the Raiders watching Bianca run 11:37 for a School Record in the 3k steeple. The next race on the list was the 10k...and it was 25 laps of pride for me! Natalie went out and was 4th, running a school record by 59 seconds in the 10k! 36:51 was just under the 37:00 I thought she would be able to run. Rudy wasn't far behind in a 2ish min PR running 38:45, and Nelly finished things up with a 40 second PR in 39:06!
I shook my head for 2 days following the meet...what had just happened! In the midst of a huge break for athletes had HUGE breakthroughs!
I was, and still am, amazed an proud.
When I met Kelsi she was a 23:00 sort of 5k gal, now 18:42!
Bianca was a 11:48 Steepler, now an 11:37 steepler (despite meningitis that kept her from training Sept-Feb).
Natalie was a 38:20 10k gal, now 36:51.
Rudy was a 41:00 10k gal, now 38:45.
Nelly was a 42:43 gal and 39:06.

So many amazing races this weekend for my athletes, not to mention those I was just lucky enough to cheer for! Great races for Liz Correy, Emily Zimmerman, Maura Bulgrin, Eric Finan, Matt Collmar, and Sam Hamilton! Keep believing in yourselves and the athletes you are becoming! What an awesome sport we are privelaged to be a part of! I lafreakingove it!!
What a life I have! Now it is back to running for me! I am stoked to be back to the sport I love!!

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