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Monday, January 10, 2011

it's indoor season

This month feels like indoor season, with days well under 10 degrees, and miles on indoor surfaces already under my feet! Yep, that's right I love indoor season! I love monotony and if it is time for indoor running that means spring isn't too far off, and that means TRACK SEASON isn't that far off!

I am looking forward to my first race in nearly 2 months coming up here soon. It feels like I haven't raced in a very long time so I am eager to get to the start line. I will race the mile at the Indiana Relays on Jan 28th.

Ahh the mile, it reminds me of college, and lactic acid up to my eyes! haha! I haven't raced a mile in almost a year, despite it being my favorite distance. I am not a miler, and if you have ever seen my knee lift you would fully understand haha!
I hope to be running under 5 mins in Bloomington in 18 days. My PR of 4:54 seems unrealistic to break, but sub 5 doesn't feel impossible. Tough, but not impossible.

After the mile in Indiana, I will be racing 3k in Akron, and Kent 2 different weekends in February. I love the thought of a 3k PR, and have made that my main focus for the next 6 weeks. or so. My PR of 9:41 only makes me want to become a sub 9:30 girl more than ever. I ran that time in Indiana a year ago, and have wanted to break 9:30 ever since. I will have 2 chances, then it is time to head on up to the 5k/10k for the outdoor season.

Training is going well, and I am actually feeling pretty fit despite not really having done too much. I am healthy, and eager to race, so those are both good signs. I begin working with a sports psychologist this week, and I am really excited about the help he may bring about. I have been told by 4 coaches it may be something I need, and I can not keep ignoring it!

So the next chapter begins...Indoor 2011!
Happy New Year!

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